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8 TECHNOLOGY Issue 54 / 2013 APP OF THE MONTH KABbEE Get your GAME on! Yet another month has passed, so let's take a look at its most addictive games. Play responsibly. App of the month: Kabee ! is buzzing in London streets! Need a cab but don't have any credits on your phone? Don't worry – just download KABBEE app and order a cab in a few seconds. Do you know when and where you want to go? It's enough! You can choose by price, arrival time, punctuality or even user rating. So, no need to catch cabs in the streets anymore. Easy and comfortable bee! Snapshot your life With The new polaroid Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn After the fiasco that was the original Final Fantasy XIV release 3 years ago, Square Enix is ready to get back on their fans' good graces with a relaunch of the much hyped MMORPG. Developed by a new team and featuring a completely overhauled design, A Realm Reborn takes place 5 years after the original Final Fantasy XIV in the region of Eorzea. Helping an empire while helping Eorzea recover from Bahamut's wrath. Saints Row IV What would you do if you were a gangster-turned-President of the United States and there was an alien invasion? Because that's exactly what happens in Saints Row IV. However, before the gang could settle in the White House, an alien invasion occurs and the gang are kidnapped and placed in a virtual simulation, where the player must wield superpowers and weapons (from old fashioned machine guns to the Alien Anal Probe – which got the game banned in Aussie shores) in order to destroy the aliens, Saints style. We all know how important technology is in the 21st century, especially cameras and phones. Photos are the living representation of your life, going from your first day at University, to your graduation day, to your first love. What would we do without cameras? However, they do offer something in return. Polaroid's Z340 and Z2300 are the updated version of the instant camera that prints every picture that you take, even those ridiculous ones were your eyes are With companies such as Sony, half shut. Both are intelligently Panasonic, Nikon and Canon designed, sleek, sharp and in releasing high end digital cam- your face. eras every month, it can get rather tedious. Three years The Z340 has a 14 megapixel ago 12 megapixels was a sensor and a rotating digital shocker, with prices going as screen for your editing needs. high as £500, but now all we Change your filter, crop, rethink is '12? Pffft, I want 32!'. light, and print all in 2 minutes. It comes at around £160, so Well sorry if you do want 32 even if it isn't the cheapest megapixels in your new cam- camera on the market, it will era, because these do not. definitely produce high qual- ity pictures, and when I say 'produce', I say it literally. The Z2300 is a more compact camera, only £10 cheaper. It also prints and edits, but only has 10 megapixels in comparison to the 14 in the Z340. I can without a doubt say that both these cameras are amazing, and so easy to use. Take them anywhere, capture unforgettable moments in your life and then print or send to your PC, choose whichever! These are the 'ultimate social media machines', so go get one and capture your summer. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist In this instalment, Sam Fisher returns as the commander of the Fourth Echelon, a new special operations and counter-terrorism unit which replaces the corrupt Third Echelon. When a group of terrorists called "The Engineers" initiate a countdown of increasingly deadly attacks on United States assets called "The Blacklist", Fisher and his team are assigned to hunt them down and stop the Blacklist countdown before it reaches zero.

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