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SXSW 2012 Interactive Festival | 101 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 101 SXSW Gaming Here is where we gather the gaming industry's best and brightest programmers, studios, artists, and designers to network, learn and trade ideas that ultimately shape the future of the gaming landscape. We also explore creative and revolutionary opportunities with new technologies from 3D printing to drones to bio-art and much more. Venue Highlights MORE THAN CHILD'S PLAY: APPS THAT CREATE CHANGE Friday, March 7: 5:00pm | Long Center, The Kodosky Donor Mobile and tablet devices are critical platforms for communicating social good messages with young children and their parents. But in this decidedly new frontier, what are the rules? The young- est generation is a captive audience on mobile, but requires a unique approach. In this panel, industry experts will tackle the do's and don'ts of children's mobile gaming, provide best practices for playing and co-playing with parents, discuss mobile-speciļ¬c legal considerations and ethical implications. Panelists will also share examples of children's apps designed for learning and behav- ior change, including the Ad Council's newest app, Toothsavers. LEARNING FROM THE SPACE BETWEEN DIGITAL AND PAPER Saturday, March 8: 11:00am | Long Center, AT&T Education Room What is it like to develop both digital and paper-based games, and what do each have to teach you about the other? Designing interactions and creating rich game spaces is a complicated affair. This panel of indie game developers will discuss effective game design and explain how understanding materials, constraints, and having a solid design philosophy enhances a designer's ability to create compelling experiences. HACKING PRINCESS CULTURE: GIRLS, GAMES, & SCIENCE Sunday, March 9: 12:30pm | Long Center, Dell Hall As we work to support women in technology, it's essential that we provide inspiration and role models for the youngest generations to aspire to the sciences. There's much celebration that girls make up 47 percent of gamers. But, if all of the games and TV they see are focused on princesses, make-up, and pink, how can we inspire girls to do more than wait for prince charming? Join us for a conversation about young girls and the sciences, as we consider what they watch on TV, what games they play, and what toys are on their shelves. More importantly, we will discuss what COULD be happening in each of those spaces to inspire the next crop of programmers, engineers, problem solvers, and critical thinkers. ADAM SALTSMAN LINDSEY SHEPARD GEORGE ROYER SARA DEWITT 3M Box Office Rollins Studio Theatre AT&T Education Room Grand Staircase Connects Ground to Main (Orchestra) Level Riverside Drive N Dell Hall Orchestra Lobby Orchestra Level (Level 2) Main Entrance (Level 2) Grand Staircase Connects Ground to Main (Orchestra) Level Riverside Drive City Terrace N Kodosky Donor Lounge West Pincer Terrace (Dell Hall) West Lounge Riverside Drive Level 3 N SXSW GAMING THE LONG CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS: 701 WEST RIVERSIDE DRIVE FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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