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SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 108 109 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival GLOBAL IMPACT & POLICY AUSTIN CONVENTION CENTER, LEVEL 3: 500 EAST CESAR CHAVEZ STREET FRIDAY, MARCH 7 12:30 PM ACC: Room 10ab Digitally Democratizing Education Katrin Macmillan, Lane Merrifield, and Sophie Kelly, will discuss the importance of entrepreneurial approaches to development work, why we are focusing on digital edu- cation and connectivity for equality, how 'Projects For All' overcomes the logistical challenges of reaching remote communities, and the importance of sustained digital programs in creating long-term change. Katrin Macmillan, Lane Merrifield, Sophie Kelly, Sugata Mitra Panel • Beginner • #HelloWorld 12:30 PM ACC: Room 5abc Ethics & Future of Crowdfunding for Communities This discussion will touch on examples of crowdfunding from self-starting models to the more established national community foundation-led model with profound local impact, and the various ethical questions associated with them. Session participants will work together to build a crowdfunding bill of rights by the end of the discussion. David Neff, Miriam Kagan Core Conversation • Intermediate • #fundethics 12:30 PM ACC: Room 6ab Star Power: Innovative Ways to Engage Millennials Engaging millennials takes more than traditional outreach methods. Join actor & ac- tivist Rosario Dawson, co-founder of Voto Latino, and moderator Alex Wagner, host of MSNBC's NOW with Alex Wagner, for a conversation about how to effectively mobilize Latino Millennials to create social change. Alex Wagner, Rosario Dawson Dual • Intermediate • #SXSWLatino 12:30 PM ACC: Room 9abc The BRCK—Designing from the Rest of the World Those who lack connectivity are at a disadvantage to their more connected peers. Yet the equipment used to connect in Kenya or India is the same as that used in New York and London, even though the conditions are completely different. So we set out to redesign the way we connect to the Internet for the developing world, and thus created The BRCK. Erik Hersman, Juliana Rotich, Reg Orton Panel • Intermediate • #brck 3:30 PM ACC: Room 10ab Clubbing the Patent Trolls: How We Can Fight Back Innovators face a growing epidemic of litigation from so-called "patent trolls"—com- panies that do not make or produce products, but sue those who do. Patent trolls use broad and vaguely-worded patents to bring infringement claims against innovators, and demand payment of a "license" to avoid a lawsuit. Alan Schoenbaum, Hakeem Jeffries, Julie Samuels, Michael Petricone Panel • Intermediate • #fixpatents 3:30 PM ACC: Room 5abc If MOOCs Are So Great, Why Aren't We All Doing It? Does the recent explosion of MOOCs into the education marketplace threatens to destroy traditional post-secondary educational institutions in its path? Or is it just an- other fad in a long history of educational movements to fade into history. Join us for an interactive conversation about the future of MOOCs and post-secondary education. Dave Hinger, Jeff Meadows Core Conversation • Beginner • #gotmooc 3:30 PM ACC: Room 6ab Frugal Innovation: Simple Designs to Improve Lives This presentation will explore simple, low-cost, effective and proven global design solutions that do not require exotic technology, but when combined can dramatically improve the quality of life of people around the world. Recent examples of successful design that have raised living standards in developing countries will be shown. Jose Briones Solo • Intermediate • #jugaad 3:30 PM ACC: Room 9abc The Next Steve Jobs May Be from Africa There are over 650 million mobile and wireless device subscribers in Sub-Saharan Af- rica. These savvy users are spawning innovations in mobile banking, e-commerce and health that are unthinkable in the West. Join some of Africa's top young technologists and learn how Africa's youth are poised to drive the next wave of technology advance- ments and "killer apps." Part of the IEEE Tech for Humanity Series. Claude Migisha Kalisa, Fred Mweetwa, Gertjan van Stam, Jessica Colaço Panel • Beginner • #ieeeafrica 5:00 PM ACC: Room 10ab Next Level Online Advocacy The goal of this panel is to uncover new and exciting ways to use technology to power social change. This session will go beyond the basics—sending targeted action alerts and creating online petitions—and discover fresh and innovative virtual campaigning techniques for real results. Anastasia Khoo, Joel Bartlett, Marah Lidey, Noah Cooper Panel • Advanced • #nextlevel 5:00 PM ACC: Room 5abc Digital Divide or Sinkhole? Tech Famines in the US Join these two social entrepreneurs for a spirited debate on the illusion of technology access in poor communities; how it is eroding the intellectual infrastructure of the nation, the consequences for our standing in the global community if nothing is done about it and what policy makers and social entrepreneurs can do to correct course. Candis Best, Sian Morson Core Conversation • Advanced • #techfamine 5:00 PM ACC: Room 6ab Fuck Cancer's Yael Cohen Challenges the Status Quo The cancer space is broken. By using tech, humor & humans we've managed to chal- lenge the status quo and create a truly different cancer movement. I'll talk about why we've made the decisions we have, how they've manifested and where they've led us. Yael Cohen Solo • Intermediate • #FuckCancer 5:00 PM ACC: Room 9abc Ubuntu Leadership: Leaders for a Connected Africa It is projected that by 2050 Africa's GDP will be bigger than the GDPs of the US and China combined. With 70 percent of the continent's population under the age of 30, the people who will be charged with maintaining the current growth are the youth of today. A number of African organizations are taking on the task of training Africa's future leaders. This panel will discuss these organizations. John Kidenda, Rick Reeder, Takalani Malivha Panel • Beginner • #UbuntuLead SATURDAY, MARCH 8 9:30 AM ACC: Room 10ab Breaking the Mold: How to Thrive When Allies Turn Whether you're a feminist who disagrees with Sheryl Sandberg, a progressive who agrees with Bill O'Reilly, or a political influencer who approaches opponents with love rather than vitriol, voices of influence can't afford to toe the party line. This panel offers practical tips for thought leaders looking for a different path when their allies label them traitors. Jehmu Greene, Joanne Bamberger, Sally Kohn Panel • Intermediate • #breakmold 9:30 AM ACC: Room 9abc Disrupting the Gun Lobby with Digital Organizing Three groups have been leading the charge against the gun lobby: Mayor Michael Bloomberg's coalition of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly's Americans for Responsible Solutions, and the concerned parents of Moms De- mand Action for Gun Sense in America. Hear how they're empowering ordinary people to help change state and federal laws and save lives. Mark Glaze, Pia Carusone, Shannon Watts, Stephen Geer Panel • Beginner • #DisruptNRA FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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