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SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 150 151 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival WORK & CAREER COURTYARD MARRIOTT: 300 E 4TH STREET FRIDAY, MARCH 7 12:30 PM Courtyard: Brazos FYI Managers: People Don't Want to Work at Home Studies show people prefer working from an office, but today's unusual perks do little to address the real plight of today's office worker: an environment that optimizes efficiency. In this core conversation, learn what office workers really want in the work- place, with polls from employees and the public. Lisa Ross Core Conversation • Intermediate • #CubeCultr 12:30 PM Courtyard: Rio Grande Ballroom Workplace Redesign: The Big Shift from Efficiency We have become adept at applying design thinking and methodologies to the design of products and customer engagement experiences. Isn't it about time we apply this same thinking to our own work environments? What if we reconceive our work environ- ment to include not only our own employees, but everyone outside the organization who has relevant expertise to help us learn faster? John Hagel Solo • Advanced • #WPRedesign 3:30 PM Courtyard: Brazos Work & Flexibility: Why Women Must Lead the Way The last year has seen an explosion of examples of women helping women—in busi- ness. So how does this translate into work & flexibility? Stacey Delo, founder of May- & Diana Rothschild, founder of NextKids (part of NextSpace), will share inspiring examples of how women in tech are breaking the rules to do interesting work and still have a life! You can be a part of the change too. Diana Rothschild, Stacey Delo Core Conversation • Intermediate • #sxswwomen 3:30 PM Courtyard: Rio Grande Ballroom Millennials As Supervisors: Strategies for Success The Millennial generation is moving into manager and leadership positions rapidly with a desire to excel. Learn how Millennial workers make successful transitions into a leadership or supervisory position by using their talents and strengths. Understand what types of training and mentorship to give this generation of leaders so they are more productive and engaged in their work. Jennifer Selke Solo • Intermediate • #GenYWorker 5:00 PM Courtyard: Brazos Non-Tech Women in Tech Startups: Achieving Success If you walk into the office of a tech startup, from B2C to B2B businesses, chances are you'll see a room full of men and maybe one or two females. We will focus on the many non-technical roles within tech companies that are still largely populated by men—from digital marketing and customer success to analytics and data-driven strategy—and how we can collectively change that. Adena DeMonte, Casey Taylor Core Conversation • Intermediate • #sxswwomen 5:00 PM Courtyard: Rio Grande Ballroom Online Learning & Maybe the End of Professionalism In computer science, anyone with patience and an internet connection can learn how to code. The trend benefits people looking to break into coding, but for mid-career coders, there's a danger in not keeping up, and institutional memory can seem empty compared with objective skills. This panel will examine the new balance between pro- fessionalism and raw talent. Jeff Diana, Luca Bonmassar, Nikhil Abraham, Vivienne Ming Panel • Advanced • #webtrained SATURDAY, MARCH 8 9:30 AM Courtyard: Brazos Home Room Start your morning at SXSW Home Room. Each session is led by two Home Room Leaders who will help you get the most out of your day, and your badge. These SXSW insiders will provide insight and guidance about the day's schedule and events. Elizabeth Salazar Meet Up • Beginner • #homeroom 9:30 AM Courtyard: Rio Grande Ballroom Man Up: Gender & the Work-Life Balance Debate Research shows that Millennial men feel more conflicted than women about work- family balance. On the other hand, younger men may be less likely to see sexism as a lingering problem, since so many grew up in schools where women held leadership roles. Will Millennial men revolutionize the way we work, or perpetuate the work- place norms? James Allworth, Joan Williams, Sarah Green, Stewart Friedman Panel • Beginner • #ManUp 11:00 AM Courtyard: Brazos Is It Too Late to Be Awesome? With the distraction of technology, information and the plague of perfectionism it's easy to get lost in a comparison bubble. When we learn to be ourselves, be patient, and how to be comfortable in our own skin, then—and only then—will we achieve true happiness to be able to know the truly answer of being awesome. Chanelle Henry, Rashid Zakat Core Conversation • Intermediate • #not2late 11:00 AM Courtyard: Rio Grande Ballroom Workplace Distractions: A New Focus on Focus Join us as we decipher distraction in the workplace with a workplace architect, a behavioral researcher and a leading academic studying distraction. We will look at the importance of focus and collaboration in the workplace, the real costs of office distractions for employees and organizations, and effective ways to create a distrac- tion-free workplace. Ben Waber, Gloria Mark, Janet Pogue, Rachel Silverman Panel • Intermediate • #how2focus 12:30 PM Courtyard: Brazos This Ain't Your Father's Office Anymore Over the course of their lifetime, the average American will spend 90,000 hours at work. Shouldn't we enjoy the place where we spend so much time? In this session, we'll share how Mass Relevance took the best of what we learned at previous companies— like Trilogy, Pioneer & Bazaarvoice—and merged them into a new culture that has made us one of the best places to work in Austin. Brian Dainton, Michael Pazienza Core Conversation • Intermediate • #OfficeEnvy 12:30 PM Courtyard: Rio Grande Ballroom Make Yourself the Happiest Person on Earth Chade-Meng Tan's popular course at Google, "Search Inside Yourself" was designed to transform the work and lives of the company's employees. In this talk, the bestsell- ing author will discuss practical methods for employing mindfulness and emotional in- telligence to achieve greater personal and professional success, happiness, and world peace. Chade-Meng Tan Solo • Beginner • #SIY 3:30 PM Courtyard: Brazos The Problem Is Not the Problem Without a framework to categorize different kinds of problems, what tends to happen is that people try to "solve" or "fix" things they think are broken when they would be better served by understanding the problem's true nature. Rather than framing every- thing as a problem, it's essential to sort problems into the right bucket. Harry Max, Jim Meyer Core Conversation • Intermediate • #rackspace 3:30 PM Courtyard: Rio Grande Ballroom Redesign Your Life As designers, we turn chaos and problems into organized, pleasant experiences. See three UX Designers team up with a professional organizer as we explore patterns and techniques common to our professional processes that can be applied to living the lives we want— and let the logic of organizing a physical space inspire our design work, too. Aynne Valencia, Jenny Tsai, Michelle Nivert, Sandra Lloyd Panel • Intermediate • #redesignYL FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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