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SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 68 69 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 12:30 PM ACC: Exhibit Hall 5 Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know We face new questions in everything from our rights and responsibilities as citizens of both the online and real world to simply how to protect ourselves and our families from a new type of danger. Part of the IEEE Technology for Humanity Series. P.W. Singer Featured Session • Advanced • #ieeeSinger 12:30 PM Hilton: Salon H Consumer Robots Everywhere: The Next Big Thing Amazing humanoid and research robotics can be expensive but robots that serve a real purpose in everyday life do not have to be so complicated. Dmitry Grishin, the founder of the first-ever robotics-focused VC fund, and Bilal Zuberi, a partner at Lux Capital, will explore why affordable personal robotics is the next big thing in innova- tion and offer their take on the growing robotic marketplace. Bilal Zuberi, Dmitry Grishin Featured Session • Intermediate • #robots 2:00 PM ACC: Exhibit Hall 5 A Conversation with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Neil deGrasse Tyson, Christie Nicholson Keynote • #Cosmos 3:30 PM ACC: Ballroom D 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon: A Social Phenomenon Turns 20 Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon concept co-creator Brian Turtle moderates a Featured Ses- sion with Kevin Bacon, currently starring in FOX's hit drama The Following, and multiple surprise guests with varying degrees of separation to the award-winning actor. Kevin Bacon, Brian Turtle Featured Session • Intermediate • #KevinBacon 3:30 PM ACC: Exhibit Hall 5 The Rest is Rising: Entrepreneurship in America Join Case, founder of Revolution and one of America's most respected entrepreneurs, and Emily Chang of Bloomberg TV, for an in-depth conversation on the trends and ideas shaping our future. He will explore the changing geography of entrepreneurship in America, the impact of politics and public policy on our most promising startups and the challenges associated with marrying vision and execution. Emily Chang, Steve Case Featured Session • Intermediate • #risingrest 3:30 PM Hilton: Salon H Maker Democracy Spurs Innovation TechShop, a nationwide chain of DIY fabrication and workshop studios, democratizes access to the tools of innovation by providing users with more than $1 million worth of prototyping tools, classes and design software. Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop and author of The Maker Manifesto, believes the maker democracy is alive and well and is helping to spur the movement. Mark Hatch Featured Session • Intermediate • #Makers 5:00 PM ACC: Exhibit Hall 5 One on One with Mark Cuban Internet pioneer, billionaire, angel investor, NBA team owner assesses the current state of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in a no BS session with Silicon Valley veteran Guy Kawasaki. The fun and in-depth conversation between Cuban and Kawasaki is the perfect way to end your first full day of SXSW Interactive 2014. Mark Cuban, Guy Kawasaki Featured Session • Intermediate • #MarkCuban 5:00 PM Hilton: Salon H Go Home Marketing, You Are Drunk Let's momentarily ignore the shiny new trends. Instead, take a look at the things that are (still) fundamentally broken. Your message is splintered. Your teams are siloed. Your content still sucks. So let's sit down and talk about a whole new world of market- ing, one where pragmatism and principle drive a new kind of innovation: fixing what's actually broken, versus finding new things to break. Kristina Halvorson Featured Session • Intermediate • #drunkmktg SUNDAY, MARCH 9 11:00 AM ACC: Ballroom D Running the Show: TV's New Queen of Comedy A one-on-one Featured Session discussion with Mindy Kaling, creator and star of Fox's The Mindy Project, about the new guard of female showrunners conquering television and what that means for its future. Mindy will later be joined by Mindy Project cast- mates, including Ike Barinholtz and Adam Pally, to discuss the evolution of the show under Mindy's leadership. Adam Pally, Anne Fulenwider, Ike Barinholtz, Mindy Kaling Featured Session • Intermediate • #QueenOfComedy 11:00 AM ACC: Exhibit Hall 5 Equipping & Inspiring the Next Generation Master inventor and humanitarian, Dean Kamen speaks about innovation, his mission to help end world poverty and our need to invest in our future. Learn how FIRST® (For Recognition & Inspiration of Science & Technology), Dean's global robotics non-profit, is transforming global youth. You'll be inspired to contribute to help build a better world. Part of the IEEE Technology for Humanity Series. Dean Kamen Featured Session • Intermediate • #ieeekamen 11:00 AM Hilton: Salon H How Smart Apps Will Revolutionize Computing The world is about to see a computing revolution: a world in which "Smart Apps" pull in data from the world around us automatically. These applications are in early stages but the long-term implications will be profound. Quentin Hardy of the New York Times leads a discussion on Smart Apps with KPCB General Partner Mike Abbott and Jaw- bone VP of Data Monica Rogati. Mike Abbott, Monica Rogati, Quentin Hardy Featured Session • Intermediate • #SmartApps 12:30 PM ACC: Ballroom D Knocking Down the Door: America's World Cup Dreams U.S. Men's National Soccer Team head coach Jürgen Klinsmann will share his strate- gic and innovative approach to growing the sport in the U.S. and competing with the best at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Jürgen Klinsmann, Roger Bennett Featured Session • Intermediate • #JKatSXSW 12:30 PM ACC: Exhibit Hall 5 Injecting Computation Everywhere Billions of devices, ubiquitous networks and computational knowledge are on course to create a "global brain" in the very near future. Making use of such a brain requires a very special kind of language. One that makes possible a computable model of the world, while remaining both efficient and understandable for computers and humans alike. It's possible. And Stephen Wolfram is building it. Stephen Wolfram Featured Session • Advanced • #wolfram 12:30 PM Hilton: Salon H Sundar Pichai Conversation with John Battelle Please join us for a conversation with Sundar Pichai, SVP of Android, Chrome & Apps at Google, and John Battelle, Executive Chairman of Federated Media Publishing, to discuss what's next and how mobile platforms can remain fast and flexible enough to inspire and drive ecosystem innovation beyond laptops, phones and tablets into new territories such as wearables, home computing and cars. John Battelle, Sundar Pichai Featured Session • Intermediate • #googlesxsw 2:00 PM ACC: Exhibit Hall 5 The Future of Genetics in Our Everyday Lives Is DNA the programming language of the future? What role do genetics and personal- ized medicine play in the healthcare revolution? Can big data and community unlock secrets to a healthier life? Join Anne Wojcicki, CEO and co-founder of 23andMe, for a keynote presentation at the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival, where she will explore such questions and share insights on the future of biotechnology and the role of ge- netic knowledge in our lives. Anne Wojcicki Keynote • #FutGenes FEATURED & KEYNOTE SESSIONS ACC [EH 5, BALLROOM D]: 500 E CESAR CHAVEZ; HILTON DOWNTOWN [SALON H]: 500 E 4TH STREET FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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