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SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 82 83 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival CONTENT & DISTRIBUTION AUSTIN CONVENTION CENTER, LEVEL 4: 500 E CESAR CHAVEZ STREET FRIDAY, MARCH 7 12:30 PM ACC: Room 12ab Content & Commerce: The Digital Cronut This is a discussion for any content or commerce brand looking to propel their business forward. You'll hear from leading content/commerce brand, Thrillist Media Group's CEO Ben Lerer as he describes the changing media and e-commerce landscapes, best practices for adding a content or commerce channel to your business, and what the potential benefits and risks will be. Ben Lerer Solo • Intermediate • #DigiCronut 12:30 PM ACC: Room 18abcd Online LEGO Fans & the People Who Love Them Grown up LEGO fans make up one of the most enthusiastic online fan communities in existence. This panel will discuss how The LEGO Group approaches the online LEGO fan ecosystem with the LEGO created platforms and LEGO CUUSOO and if lessening our control has actually worked in our advantage. David Robertson, Frederikke Hoff, Glen Wadleigh, Sara Moore Panel • Advanced • #LEGOFan 3:30 PM ACC: Room 12ab The Secret Sauce of Real Time Storytelling Real-time storytelling allows the audience to actively participate in the making of a story or advertisement. This panel will discuss the unique creative, social media and pro- duction methods used to create this type of show or advertisement. Tool is uniquely po- sitioned to provide this kind of insight having produced several projects in this category. Dustin Callif, Jason Nickel, Jason Zada Panel • Intermediate • #secrtsauce 3:30 PM ACC: Room 18abcd Hunting for Elephants: Creating Enterprise Value in Sports Drawing on more than 40 years as a Hollywood executive and his current roles as co-owner of the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Dodgers, Peter Guber discusses why sports content "isn't just programming, it's part of the emotional trans- portation business." Peter Guber Solo • Intermediate • #GuberSXSW 5:00 PM ACC: Room 12ab How Twitter Humorists Landed Sweet Real World Gigs In this session, editorial director for Mashable will lead a discussion on how three social media celebrities were able to showcase their talents through Twitter, create impressive followings that make "real" celebs jealous, earn the praise of major media outlets like Time, The Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone, and ultimately land dream jobs that embrace their 140-character humor and charm. Jenny Johnson, Josh Hara, Matt Silverman, Megan Amram Panel • Beginner • #Tweet2Fame 5:00 PM ACC: Room 18abcd What's the New "Having It All"? A panel of highly successful digital media professionals who in NO WAY set out to be highly successful digital media professionals discuss their views on career paths, suc- cess, failure, and professional satisfaction. Can you really have it all: A great job, a good salary, and do a little good in the world, too? What obstacles will you definitely encounter along the way? Laura Lee, Lauren Zalaznick, Michael Slaby, Steven Waldman Panel • Intermediate • #getajob SATURDAY, MARCH 8 9:30 AM ACC: Room 12ab Emoji & Texting: Is Human Language Extinct? The proliferation of texting has exploded, from basic SMS in the late '90s to iMes- sages and Emoji used to inject emotional cues and nuance into conversations. Join Sam Huston of JumpTank and linguist Ben Zimmer as they examine how language is evolving alongside technology and its impact on culture, from brand interactions to expressions of personal narratives. Sponsored by the Knight Foundation. Ben Zimmer, Sam Huston Dual • Intermediate • #langtech 9:30 AM ACC: Room 18abcd DIY App & eBook Publishing: A Live Demonstration This session will demonstrate (live and in real-time) some of the latest DIY publishing technology. Attendees will join other members of the SXSW community to create a crowdsourced cookbook available to all for free download as both an online ebook and iPad app. To submit a recipe for crowdsourced cookbook, please visit Babette Pepaj, Erik Deutsch Dual • Beginner • #diypub 11:00 AM ACC: Room 12ab Beyond Likes: What I Love & Hate & Why You Care Time crowns its "Person of the Year," People names its "World's Most Beautiful Peo- ple," and Rolling Stone dubs its "Albums of the Year." Join Jordan Roth and Anna Deavere Smith to explore how the ubiquity of pop-cultural expertise has impacted the value of art, the role of the critic and how the public's expanding power of approval affects artists. Sponsored by the Knight Foundation. Anna Deavere Smith, Jordan Roth Dual • Intermediate • #SXSWList 11:00 AM ACC: Room 18abcd The Form Factor Is the Message Decades ago, visionary media theorist Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase "the medium is the message" to talk about the role of communication medium itself (EG: TV vs Radio). So what happens when we get our media from a multitude of de- vices? Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh suggests that: different form factors change the messages themselves. Ben Huh Solo • Intermediate • #formfactor 12:30 PM ACC: Room 12ab Remember When the Internet Was Free? Are we witnessing the end of an era with a free and open web? Increasingly each in- novation in social media and mobile is making your private data public and hidden from you. New gatekeepers are emerging that are making the notion of the Internet as an open space increasingly rare. Will we look back a few years from now and remember when the Internet functioned freely and for the public good? Sponsored by the Knight Foundation. Michael Maness, Paul Steiger, Sue Gardner, Tim Wu Panel • Intermediate • #openweb 12:30 PM ACC: Room 18abcd Mobile Zen: The Data Behind Happiness In today's mobile ecosystem, brands have the power to produce this volume of happi- ness in consumers, but are squandering the opportunity to do so by opting for annoy- ing ads. In this session, Kiip CEO Brian Wong will share unique insights on the data of happiness accrued from his company's journey to reward the world. This session seeks to shift the focus to create millions of moments of delight. Brian Wong Solo • Intermediate • #MobileZen 3:30 PM ACC: Room 12ab Combinatorial Creativity: The Future of Innovation Some of the most transformative new ideas and products are being created in both the skunkwork labs of tech giants and by digital artists, hackers, and other collectives; and, in some instances, the two sides are joining forces. The thread that connects these two seemingly opposite walks of life is the concept of combinatorial creativity... Sponsored by the Knight Foundation. Jonathan Hunt Panel • Intermediate • #newideas 3:30 PM ACC: Room 18abcd Inside Late Night with Seth Meyers Famed Saturday Night Live head writer and anchor of the show's wildly popular Week- end Update, Seth Meyers is the new host of NBC's Late Night, where he brings his signature wit, jokes and satire to the weeknight scene. Join Seth and friends for an entertaining and behind-the-scenes discussion of Late Night with Seth Meyers. Seth Meyers, Alex Blaze, Mike Shoemaker, Olivia Munn Panel • Beginner • #LNSM FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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