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F rom 1973 through the late 1980's, SCORE Class 8 race trucks dominated Baja in the same way the Unlimited Trophy Trucks do today. At that time, hearing a Class 8 truck thunder down a desert road was exciting to witness, and was the inspiration that sparked many of SCORE's current racers and teams. It was easy for someone to picture themselves in a Class 8 truck, simply because the body was the same as the family pickup truck. But with large tires, nose-to-tail roll-cages, cool paint jobs, and lots of horsepower, those trucks easily fueled the imagination and got the attention of any performance minded individuals who truly enjoy their participation in this class. SCORE101 WITH A RICH HISTORY AND A COST EFFECTIVE BUDGET, CLASS 8 RACERS FIND THEY CAN LIVE THEIR OFF„ ROAD RACING DREAMS. CLASS 8 BY RICK SHANDLEY JAMES BURMAN JUMPED INTO A CLASS 8 VEHICLE FOR THE 2015 SCORE RACE SEASON AND EARNED A WIN AT THE BUD LIGHT SCORE SAN FELIPE 250 GET SOME PHOTOS SCORE 101 076 SCORE JOURNAL

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