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T here's no doubt that old Class-8 race trucks have a special place in the hearts of avid SCORE fans and racers. These were the vehicles that eventually evolved into the modern Trophy Truck. But one of the reasons why they're so admired, is because these vehicles were built with pure innovation from the minds of race truck builders, who had limited manufacturing technology and parts to work with. This is one of the reasons why John Yeiser, an inventor by trade, wanted to take a 1969 Ford F-100 Class 8 race truck, and re-built it using some modern components. The result was what Yeiser calls an F-2000. One way to describe this truck is to imagine it was somehow transported forward 45 to 50 years in time, modified with some of the best components available, and sent back to the '70's. A far-fetched idea, but Yeiser's creation would have dropped jaws back then as it does now. THE HEART OF THIS UPGRADED TRUCK IS A 1200 HORSEPOWER BIG-BLOCK 460 V8 THAT USES TWIN- TURBOS AND A SOPHISTICATED FUEL- INJECTION SYSTEM. 059 SCORE JOURNAL

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