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great people over the years." Race teams and Trophy Truck builders constantly look for ways to improve upon the previous season. For those who began working with Dougan's Racing Engines, they quickly discovered that Fields and his team were able to provide the detail, power, and reliability they were looking for. "From the time a truck builder receives an engine, they look for several things; attention to detail, horsepower, reliability, and track support," said Fields. "I believe that we do that well. For me, winning races with our engines requires a team effort. We spend a very large amount of time working with these teams from engine delivery to chassis dyno testing and track testing before we ever get to a race. For me, the racing community really is like a family because of the amount of time we spend together. I truly enjoy our time at the races and with our customers." Building a team that Fields can rely upon is something that is also unique to top engine builders in racing. Fields' team is no different and began with Fields himself, working under the company's founder, Terry Dougan. "Terry Dougan was a good-ole-boy from Tennessee and probably one of the best mechanics you would ever meet," said Fields. "He was very demanding and expected a lot out of you." Fields began working with Dougan in 1980 from a work program through his high-school. At that time, Fields was 16 years old and FIELD ATTRIBUTES HIS 2015 SUCCESS TO TEAMWORK AND HIS EMPLOYEES. MANY OF THEM HAVE BEEN WORKING HERE FOR 25 YEARS. 072 SCORE JOURNAL

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