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YOU ME AT SIX Issue 39 / 2012 7 Basically, everything that we have been aspiring to become over the last six years or so is starting to fall into place and it's a very exciting time. Jimmy Alen These Surrey rockers have been on a roller coaster road to success and with a sold out UK tour ahead and a new album 'Sinners Never Sleep' expect to see these guys smashing it this sum- mer. What's the funniest story from the road so far? Well, some obviously I can't talk about because what happens on the road stays on the road and that is something you've got to live by. I don't know, it was a pretty funny night in Melbourne because we were all at this club, re- ally, really drunk, just hanging out with our friends, jumping off the bar, crowd surfing off the bar, and the people were kinda into it but they kinda weren't at the same time. They were cool, but some people when you jump on a stranger's shoulders they'll start get- ting a bit pissed off at you, whatever. What's a typical day for You Me At Six on the road? At the moment it's quite a special tour. You get up about midday, we go down to the site which is a festival, play around 2-3 o'clock and then we're on a plane at 6 o'clock flying to our next place. We played yesterday but didn't play today, we had the day off at the beach, went and got sunburnt. The new album, is it being received well on the road? Yeah, Probably better than any other tune we've had out in the past, it's very en- couraging. its being received really well. Is there one particular song that gets the best reaction every time you play live? 'Bite My Tongue' has been really well received, but all the new stuff in gen- eral is going down well. It's all cool man. What would you say the differences are between this record and the last? I think sonically the two records sound completely different. 'Take Off Your Colours' Never Sleep' almost sounds like a ga- rage demo, sort of thing. We recorded that in two weeks and we recorded 'Sinners Never Sleep' across three and a half months. We spent a lot more time and care on production. It's been a natural progression from 'Take Off Your Colours' to 'Sinners Never Sleeps', but also the songs are a lot better. We sound a lot more like an accomplished band in terms of musicianship. Basical- ly, everything that we have been aspir- ing to become over the last six years or so is starting to fall into place and it's a very exciting time. in comparison to 'Sinners Do you still have the same influences for song writing now as you did for the first 2 albums? Not really. I don't really listen to the music I used to listen to when I was 16/17, minus a few. My musical taste has become a lot more widespread. Stuff I listen to at the moment is like Drake and Nicki Minaj, right through to full-on hard core music like hard core punk, so it's very different to the pop music I lis- tened to back then, but it's all relevant. Did you ever imagine that it would go to the heights it has gone to now? No, because when we started out our only aspiration as a band was to travel England. At the time we wanted to play in Glasgow and that was the be all and end all of our expectations for our band and our music, but you always try and adapt to what you're doing and take it in your stride, and I think over the years I've really embraced and enjoyed the experience. We've played 4 times in Australia in 2 years or something crazy, we are just making the most of what we're doing man. The short answer is no, we never had big plans. I think the next UK tour is sold out across the board, over 45,000 tickets in 3 weeks, that's insane for us. The band seems to keep growing and that's a positive thing, but its always good to make sure we are making the most of it. What's your proudest moment with the band? We've had a lot of highlights. Playing Reading was huge for our band grow- ing up. Playing the arenas we have across the world has been phenom- enal. Just kind of seeing the band grow to where we are now, 'Sinners Never Sleep' is everything we wanted it to be and it has been so well received and we've sold so many copies of that re- cord in such a short space of time in comparison to what we sold with our previous two records, our fan base is growing which is also good. The most important thing for a band though is to enjoy it and not get too carried away, enjoy what you do in the studio and on stage or wherever you are, bear in mind that it is important to be real and not act like a douche bag. There have been quite a few proud moments for our band. What's next? We have the UK tour and then we are going to America across the summer. We're midway through the cycle so just wait and see what happens over the next 6 months I guess, touring wise. We've got a single out called 'No One Does It Better'. Yep, everything is mov- ing along nicely. If there was one law you could change or introduce, what would it be? Give the police more power, because after what happened last year and what a fucking state that was with all the riots, have the police be given more power and not be so accountable for their actions, just be doing what they should be doing. Also, legalizing weed. The police should be out there catch- ing real criminals instead of wasting their time on weed smokers and peo- ple with a bit of weed on them. Check out the guys at INDIE / ROCK 45

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