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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 28, ISSUE 5 21 Q: Who would be depth at tackle? Brohm: "Obviously you like Hermanns, behind that Swingler. Behind that, you have McCann with the abili- ty to play both. Then we're developing guys like (Mark) Stickford, (Mike) Mendez has the ability to play out there some. (Ethan) Smart is a young guy who needs to continue to improve and get better. That would probably be the depth right now." Q: Was there a player or two who caught your eye this spring? Brohm: "For us, I think both young corners (Dedrick Mackey and Kenneth Major), at times, showed some glimpses of what they can do. They're competitors, they've got good savvy, a good knack for the ball. While they haven't arrived yet, they showed us that they will compete and they're both going to be redshirt fresh- men, so while you expect a lot out of them, you know they're not going to be perfect. Those two stood out. "I think Derrick Barnes can be a solid player on the inside, in the middle with Markus Bailey, I think those are two good players. Barnes is a hard worker. He's a little bit ahead of the others right now. He's done a good job. "Giovanni (Reviere) is a guy who looks the way he's supposed to look. Though he's a redshirt freshman, he's got to be a productive player for us. It's not going to happen overnight for him. He has injuries he's getting over. But we like what we see from him. Jeff Marks is a young freshman who has a ways to go. He has some strength. He has some athleticism. He has some toughness. You'd like to think he would be a very good player. "On the offensive side of the ball, Viktor Beach didn't have his best performance in the spring game, but he had a productive spring. He loves football and likes to compete and can be a productive player for us. I think Zander (Horvath) at running back can help us in a lot of different ways, whether it's carrying the ball, catching it or blocking. Though we have a deep running back position, he did a very good job. He got a thousand repetitions and he showed in the spring game, he can step in there and get it done. We like what we've seen from him." Q: What's the emphasis for the summer? Brohm: "We try to give our guys a good-sized break in the month of May to kind of get refreshed, maybe more than other places I've been. We don't force people to try to take a May class. We want them to have a break, want them to come back in the summer fresh, ready to go and hungry for it. While we still want that, there may be certain guys who need to be around a little bit more and continue to develop and be in a structured workout program so they continue to go this way (to improve). So that's the concern. While we want all our guys to have a break, there may be a few more guys around in the month of May than we're used to because of the youth of the football team." j From Our Window World Family We Love the Boilermakers! Five Indiana Locations Lafayette • Indianapolis Terre Haute • Muncie • Columbus 765-588-9207

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