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September 2009

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the quarterly magazine of ILTA 41 Peer to Peer S taffing is arguably the single most critical function of management. Mistakes made in the hiring process bring risk to the organization. It is difficult to recover from a bad hire and could be costly. Consider the ongoing fallout and issues that you've had with staff when one employee has exhibited toxic negativity. It could be said that nothing we do as managers is more critically important than hiring the right staff. It is very common for managers to shortchange the time they spend in the hiring process. Market conditions will dictate whether we are able to have interviews that last for hours during multiple days with an applicant. Not all positions will warrant such an investment in time. I am known for IT staff interviews that routinely take three hours or more to conduct. Some might say I'm crazy, but I submit that it is a worthwhile investment in time to do so. In many cases, we will spend more waking hours per business day with the subordinates we hire than we would our own spouses, yet I routinely see managers complacently making hiring decisions after an interview that lasts less than an hour. I would not dream of entering into a long-term relationship without an appropriate courtship to get to know the other person and determine if we were compatible. So why do we routinely jump to conclusions in our workplace hiring practices? by Scott Christensen Foolproof Hiring: Fact or Fiction? Ask the Right Questions to Get the Whole Picture

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