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SXSW Interactive 2014 Program Guide: Tomorrow Happens Here

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G E T T O K N O W T H E S X S W C O M M U N I T Y Social Networks They Contribute To Friends and/or Followers on Their Social Networks 88% 28% 27% 73% 20% 9% 8% 11% 68% 56% 25% Wikia 3% Myspace 1% Blogger Flickr reddit Don't use social media 4% Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Tumblr Pinterest Myspace Flickr reddit A V E R A G E T O T A L 7,671 5,296 3,060 993 1,324 552 831 117 79 23.5M 13.9M 3.8M 1.8M 765k 518k 233k 54k 24k SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 92 93 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT ACC [BALLROOMS A & BC]: 500 E CESAR CHAVEZ; FOUR SEASONS: 98 SAN JACINTO BLVD 12:30 PM ACC: Ballroom A Let's Get Physical: Design + Embodied Cognition Quips like, "that's over my head," "her looks could kill" or "he's cold-hearted" reveal deep connections between our physical senses and our emotional experiences. Today scientists are discovering new truths about visceral understanding through language metaphors. This knowledge can help designers re-ignite their intuition and creativity to design better human experiences. Michael Hendrix Solo • Intermediate • #intuition 12:30 PM ACC: Ballroom BC Apple After Steve Jobs Can a great company stay great after losing its visionary leader? For her new book Haunted Empire, reporter Yukari Iwatani Kane interviewed nearly 200 company insid- ers, experts and business partners to unlock new information and insights into Apple's transition from legendary co-founder Steve Jobs to operations master Tim Cook. Geoffrey Fowler, Yukari Iwatani Kane Panel • Beginner • #FowlerKane 12:30 PM Four Seasons: Four Seasons Ballroom Alternative Design Workflows in a "PostPSD" Era Expensive editing software, along with changing processes in web design, has cause many designers and developers to begin searching for alternatives to improve their workflow. This presentation will look at some of these "post-Photoshop" design prac- tices, how they fit into a designer's workflow and which ones will work best in simplify- ing it while maintaining or enhancing final code quality. Jeremy Fuksa Solo • Intermediate • #postpsd 12:30 PM Four Seasons: San Jacinto Ballroom Time: The Invisible Design Medium By ignoring the possibility that people have anything better to do than engage with our products, we often distract people instead of focusing their time on the people and interests that matter to them most. Is it possible to design for engagement and also respect people's time? Boaz Gurdin Solo • Intermediate • #TimeDesign 3:30 PM ACC: Ballroom A Wave Harder: Can Gesture Control Work in Retail? What happened when we experimented with Motion Computing in a physical retail environment? Utilizing motion computing presents a lot of possibilities at retail, we wanted to explore what technologies to use, implementation hurdles and most impor- tantly; will it work? Juuso Myllyrinne, Steve White Dual • Advanced • #waveharder 3:30 PM ACC: Ballroom BC Eye of the Beholder: The Story of SXSWi 2014 If you're looking for a session that will deliver the key takeaways for SXSWi 2014, look no further. Using next-generation storytelling techniques, DigitasLBi will collaborate with SXSWi to tie together collected data, visuals, and anecdotes to present the top trends and personalities emerging from this year's event. Jesse Suchmann Solo • Beginner • #SXbeholder 3:30 PM Four Seasons: Four Seasons Ballroom Produce Like Picasso: Mastering Design Delivery Pablo Picasso produced almost 150,000 pieces of art during his career. In this talk, you will learn about the five P's of Picasso's productivity with examples from his life. By applying them, you will be more effective and productive. Brian Sullivan, J Schuh Solo • Beginner • #picasso 3:30 PM Four Seasons: San Jacinto Ballroom Check Online for Session Scheduled in This Timeslot Things change! That's what websites are for. Check our online schedules to find infor- mation about what will occur in this room at this time. #schedule FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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