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12 Issue 81 / 2015 FASHION Anti-estAblishment AppArel Planning a protest? Need a new look to show off in the Daily Mail? We bring you this season's must-have marching gear The Balaclava: This should be the first item in your wardrobe. With winter almost upon us - the 'bally' serves the dual purpose of protecting your nose, mouth, and ears from the cold / flare smoke / prying cameras / the London smog / the incessant chanting (delete as appropriate); and concealing your identity. They come in many styles, from 'The Mexican Bandit' to 'The Scuba Diver' - or you could just make your own. Seeing as black is the new black - well, it has to be black. The Guy Fawkes Mask: You will have seen them around London as the Million Mask March ramped up once again on Bonfire Night. A highly seasonal item - you'll only be wearing this one whilst the fireworks are high-in-the-sky. It's well worth the investment, however, with sustainable clothing being all the rage at the moment - here's one you can wear again and again. Unless the police take it off you of course. BEWARE: this is not the most convenient of Anti-Establishment Apparel's pieces. Eating and drinking capabilities are severely reduced whilst visibility is poor if you're dancing around the bonfire. Comfy Shoes: What with all that running towards the flashing lights, running away from them again, trudging around Parliament Square, marching down the Mall - you'll need some proper creps to keep you feet less calloused than your hated oppressors' hearts. Here's a lovely example: a nice charcoal black pair struck across with a flash of luminous laces - perfect for climbing and as you stumble around the growling crowds in the darkness. The Accessory - A Megaphone: It can get tiring getting your own version of 'Scum, Scum, Scum!' or 'Who's streets? Our Streets!' heard over the shouts and screams. We're taking you back to the old-school with a wicked example of sixties protest chic - the classic megaphone. Slip it into one of the straps of your fraying rucksack (full to the brim with Marx and Mao) for ease and comfort throughout the day. Then, when the need grabs you, whack out your pride-and-joy in the knowledge that you follow a long line of hot-headed hipsters and world-changing campaigners in your accessory choice. If you're driving down to your day in the limelight, why not strap it atop your whip and blare out your latest illegally-downloaded music as your cruise down the motorway? The Big No-No - Electric Green: One simple reason - it's the style of choice for The Fuzz. There's nothing worse than turning up to the party and your friend is wearing the same exact thing as you, despite it being your sick idea in the first place. Well, multiply that feeling by several thousand and that's what you'll get if your sport anything approaching a luminous yellow/green jacket to your demo. Bright is good of course, it can help you stand out. Then again - maybe that's not the kind of attention you want.

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