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18 Issue 81 / 2015 TECHNOLOGY Bye Bye Betamax The eternal 'little brother' of video recording is coming to an end - and not a moment too soon When Sony introduced Betamax in 1975 the plan was simple: conquer the new market of video recording and playback. Phillips had just released the VCR, and JVC was just about to release its VHS a year later. For its pure video quality, Betamax appeared to be king of the castle, and this remained so throughout the 1970s and 80s. Yet the format quickly ran into trouble during a war with VHS whilst attempting to to dominate the market. JVC's product - despite its inferior quality - proved popular with consumers due to its cheaper manufacturing costs and its three-times longer recording capacity. By 1980 VHS controlled over 60% of the North American market. Betamax's long decline has been the subject of much ridicule in this years since, as the company struggled on without a commercial leg to stand on. By 2000 the technology was virtually extinct, and Sony has not made a single camera compatible with Betamax since 2005. Hallelujah we hear you cry, as Sony announced that it will stop production in March 2016. It's been hanging around more than Basshunter (unbelievably he's only 30 - ten years Betamax's junior!) and, seeing as DVD's and downloads are now out-of-date, we wish Betamax a happy retirement not a moment too soon. The immersive experience, called Summerland, is designed to bring summer to the capital in the colder months by way of a "hyper-realistic film set with a real jungle". With live music, DJs, hot tubs, an indoor waterfall, tree houses and an animated skyline, Summerland will feel like a "holiday in a day". The organisers are looking to raise just over £696,000 over on Seedrs, and you can invest from as little as £10. Benefits for investors range from discount codes and special offers to exclusive parties and sponsored areas in your name. A venue for the experience hasn't been announced but would likely be a warehouse or exhibition space in inner London. If they raise the funds, the fun will run 12 Dec 2016 – 8 Jan 2017, and then annually. Crowdfunding: Summerland The people behind Glasto's Shangri-La want to bring summer to London in the depths of winter

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