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HOUSE / TECHNO 30 ARTIST OF THE MONTH: DAVE MONOLITH Issue 47/ 2013 CANADIAN FOOTPRINTZ For many people who are familiar with the artist listed under Rephlex Records, his music is synonymous with feel-good vibes and colourful techno spanning up-beat tempos to slower paced melodies. A fairly recent addition to the Rephlex roster over the past few years, his first release was a 12" titled Volume 1. Notable tracks on this vinyl beauty include "Syphonic Flash" - A dark and brooding bit of techno accompanied by a futuristic bassline which will get your feet moving. So who is the man behind the Monolith you ask? His name is Dave Paul Barnard, hailing from the Wiltshire Countryside of all places. His reasons for making his tunes is even more humble it seems. More recently Dave Monolith has been playing around the UK at various festivals and club nights but what's next? Well, Currently Dave has released his first full-length album titled "Welcome" on Rephlex Records and is the highest selling artist on the label to date. There are no scheduled gigs advertised on any of the major websites, though we can look forward to that time however when he feels like putting on his thinking cap and churning out some more eclectic, "move-your-feet" techno. Canadian duo comprised of Adam Hunter and Clarian North break the mould with their alternative electronic music. Footprintz have a new album due for release on 18th march 2013, being released on the label Visionquest. They stand out from the usual house and power techno that you are used to hearing from the label, they are setting out to not follow the typical genre entirely. Visonquest set out with the idea of not focusing on one genre, and Footprintz provide that end of the night nourish charm. The album was crafted in the confines of their hidden basement studio in Canada before Ewan Pearson leant his hands to produce and master the album. The Album called 'Escape Yourself' appeals to the younger generation that are still figuring themselves out and sometimes, want to disappear and escape. The album features huge singles such as 'Utopia', 'Dangers of the mouth' and 'The Favourite Game', 'Escapee Yourself' is a true album, deserving of being listened to in it's entirety multiple times. Jimmy Edgar and Ivan Smagghe have stepped up to remix the singles while there's been huge support across the board. For more information check out footprintz JANUARY RELEASES SOONER EP Andiamo (WALL MUSIC GERMANY) THE VERY BEST TRACKS EP Julian Jewell, Popof, Scan X MATERIAL ANALYSIS EP Smees, Michael Forshaw, Fugo (SKRYPTOM FRANCE) (SLIDEBAR GERMANY) IT'S MINE Monoloc, Daniel Wilde, Henrik Schwarz (CLR GERMANY) UNDERGROUND SOUNDS VOL 1. Area, Takenawa, Mauser, G Marcell TRUSME (REMIXES) Ben Klock, Vakula, Ryan Elliot (PRIME NUMBERS) (PLAN B RECORDINGS US) ANOTHER PLACE ANOTHER TIME Willie Burns, Aroy Dee (SEQUENCIAS) OH JABBA Ob Ignitt WORKING IT OUT EP Jenifa Mayanja, Jus ED CHATTIN' BREEZE EP Timmy P, Chesus Oh WONDERLAND REMIXED Channel X, Doctor Dru, Robosonic DEEP DREAMS EP Giovanni Damico, Audio Soul Project (FXHE US) (EDJ US) (LOCAL TALK) (STIL VOR TALENT GERMANY) (DESO)

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