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INDIE / ROCK 44 Issue 47 / 2013 GUESTLIST RECOMMENDS: ISAAC INDIANA Formed in 2010, the feel-good quintet is set for a great year after recording their debut album. A five-piece indie outfit from Devon, Isaac Indiana have already made a splash at Beach Break Festival and Aussie Kiss Festival to massive acclaim, and the only way is up for Andy Jackson, Ben Homer, Ben Houghton, Sam Hall and Tom Sturges. The group is undeniably talented, with crisp guitars, energetic drumming, flawless harmonies and anthemic sing-along choruses. In less able hands, the combination of two guitars, piano, saxophone and vaulting vocals might be too crowded. Supported by a stellar rhythm section, however, they end up complementing each other perfectly rather than fighting for the spotlight. The arrangements are busy, but they flow seamlessly. Their debut EP, Speak Up, was released in the summer of 2011– and summer was definitely the perfect time for their tunes. 'Sun Down' is a ALBUM OF THE MONTH OPPOSITES real highlight, featuring the smooth sounds of the saxophone and some pretty jazzy keys, wonderfully counterbalanced by a roof-raising guitar solo and held together by a beautifully chilled-out bassline – a great tune, as the lyrics say, to "sit and watch the sun go down" to. But the guys are not relaxing just yet – they have just returned from a studio in Jersey, where they recorded their first full-length album, entitled Borderlines. The record is set to have a "bigger, more serious sound" that doesn't forget the band's indie-pop roots, and is likely to drop in May, but in the meantime, check them out at www. and have a look at their videos online. Feel free to dance madly to their songs, or just kick back with a beer and soak it in. Both approaches work just fine. NEW MUSIC OF THE MONTH So it's a new start to the year and we are excited about the calibre of music coming through. Keep your ears locked to these new tunes... 1. RHCP Pink as Floyd 'Mon the Biff! Biffy Clyro's New Album is Coming... Midway through 2012, a YouTube video surfaced of Biffy with a new track, 'Stingin' Belle', which has the raw intensity of their early material and the melody of their more recent offerings; it opens with jittering distortion, has neat riffs underlying the verses, and an anthemic chorus. Later in the year it became a digital release and the notion of a new album became a thrilling prospect. December 2012 produced another teasing precursor to their upcoming release of Opposites with 'Black Chandelier'. Hype became hysteria as knowledge spread that the song is to be their first single from the new album and is due for release on 14th January. 'Black Chandelier' follows the blueprint set out in Biffy's hits from Only Revolutions such as, 'Mountains' and 'Many a Horror', by being a poignant and emotional rock/pop song that will undoubtedly receive mainstream success. The song's bridge produces a glimpse of the angstridden rebelliousness that is at the band's core with a Nirvana-style explosion of overdrive; although, some Biffy purists would deem it a miniature taste of their original hardcore sound. 4. Everything Everything Kemosabe 2. One Ok Rock Deeper Deeper 3. Peace Wraith 5. Biffy Clyro Black Chandelier

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