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INDIE / ROCK 45 7 Issue 47 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN THE BOTS Having already recorded three albums including 'Ladies & Gentlemen' which was released last year these kids from LA boast mad energy. Mikaiah Lei, 19 (lead guitar, vocals) and little brother Anaiah Lei, 15 (drums, vocals) create their own unique infectious style of rock. This rawness has become a signature of their sound and has got the world urging to know more about these cool brothers. JOE | Hey, how's it going? bands, their audiences will receive us a bit Anaiah: Yeah all is good, better. With some of is cool to be in London! them you can see kids and people in the front How different is it playing in Europe compared to the states? Anaiah: It just depends on what type of music you play. Because there'd be a lot of people back home that go out to see really soft, cool, hip indie bands and they're not really rowdy. But then you come out here and it's the same way, but if it's for a certain genre of music then it really depends. Mikaiah: For Anaiah: I like performing all the tunes we have, that's my favourite part about this whole thing. I mean, because there's so much to do, that's one of the main things as an artist but that's my favourite thing to the song and whatever until I started performing for a while. But when I start writing, I get to develop… I get to do a lot of things that I can't do live. Like writing and recording, I can add we're more of a rock 'n' roll band now. It was more like grunge, acid grunge rock. The singer was my friend, he played electric guitar and sang in the band, and he really liked Nirvana, and everything "Just trying to be unique, trying to offer something different to music..." do. I just love getting on different elements that stage and just playing I wouldn't necessarily my music to people. be able to replicate in a live situation. How does the creative process work for you? When did you first start playing? Mikaiah: With performing, I always Mikaiah: The band [he get quite nervous started in] was a fiveWhat's been your because I worry about piece rock 'n' roll band… what others will think of I say rock 'n' roll band, other highlight so far? row rocking out and it makes me feel good, like "yeah, I'm doing something right", so it's a bit more helpful in that instance. But generally, a lot more reserved crowds in the UK. sounded like Nirvana. Who are your main influences then? Mikaiah: There are so many people that influence our sound such as Arcade Fire, Black Flag, The White Stripes, LA's Wasted Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The XX. What direction will that be heading in? Mikaiah: Just trying to be unique, trying to offer something different to music, within our two person abilities. Whatever we can do with two people and make it sound quite different is what we aim for, we strive for that. Thanks for your time, all we say is watch out for these guys, 2013 is gonna be a big year! Check out www. or follow @thebotsband

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