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SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 130 131 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival SOCIAL & PRIVACY SHERATON AUSTIN: 701 E 11TH STREET FRIDAY, MARCH 7 12:30 PM Sheraton: Capitol ABCD Followers Attached Veteran brand strategist Laurence Vincent will share compelling insights on brand attachment, an oft-overlooked dimension of consumer behavior. Drawing on findings from published research and ongoing fieldwork, Vincent will explain why consumers become attached to or develop an aversion to certain brands. Larry Vincent Solo • Intermediate • #brandattch 12:30 PM Sheraton: Capitol EFGH Big Data Inverted: The Best Candy from Strangers? In our technology-driven world, relationships are being transformed by data, specifi- cally Big Data. People are beginning to unintentionally "barricade" themselves from new experiences and information that don't fit the pattern of what they've already experienced online. Chris Colborn, Dinkar Jain, Maria Bezaitis Panel • Intermediate • #sxbigdata 12:30 PM Sheraton: Capitol View South Mosh Pit of Experts 2014—The Future of Social Enough of the pontificating panel! In a rapid session, we put the audience in the hot seat as the experts on the future of social. A combination of format (lightning round game show), audience participation & quick-witted MCs add up to a rare combination of laughter and learning. Sam Decker, Sean McDonald Core Conversation • Intermediate • #SXmoshpit 12:30 PM Sheraton: Creekside Transparency Reporting for Beginners Come learn from the experts, including representatives from Google and Dropbox, about the opportunities and challenges that come with issuing your own transpar- ency reports, and hear why transparency is good for democracy, your users, and your bottom line. Bart Volkmer, Dorothy Chou, Kevin Bankston, Ryan Budish Panel • Beginner • #tranreport 3:30 PM Sheraton: Capitol ABCD Viral Sucks "Viral"—the worst word that can come out of someone's mouth. In today's digitally driven, highly social, and information-packed world, brands are fighting for consumer attention on a whole new level, and often the shiniest tactics trump strategic planning and smart execution. This session will explore how brands can plan for success rather than hoping for luck. Craig Key Solo • Beginner • #viralsucks 3:30 PM Sheraton: Capitol EFGH What Social Media Analytics Can't Tell You How do you fill in the gaps in your social media analytics with insights into your customers' purchases or your fans' offline interests? From the largest study of Collab- orative Economy consumers to a new way of looking at women tech purchasers, this session will show you how combining social media and survey data can help you better understand your customers, members or users. Alexandra Samuel, Beth Kanter, Jeremiah Owyang, Virginia Heffernan Panel • Beginner • #smdata 3:30 PM Sheraton: Capitol View North Privacy Under the Covers: The Naked Truth Privacy conversations to date have done little more than make consumers suspicious and often paranoid. This discussion with two leaders in marketing science and legal privacy will dive into the real story behind data privacy touching on how data is being collected and used, the evolution of global legislation, and how data collection and privacy can enhance and inhibit your online experiences. MeMe Jacobs Rasmussen, Shaina Boone Core Conversation • Intermediate • #NakedTruth 3:30 PM Sheraton: Capitol View South Building Empathic Games for Healthy Outcomes Games have enormous potential to be used as interventions for mental health promo- tion. Game designers working on LongStory, a queer-positive dating game for tweens, will lead a discussion on narrative and choice mechanics for empathy, growth and reflection, and how to build emotional resilience through games and play. Michelle Hamilton-Page, Miriam Verburg Core Conversation • Intermediate • #gamefeels 3:30 PM Sheraton: Creekside Privacy: What Your Car Tells the World About You When it comes to intelligent cars, privacy concerns are heightened since the vehicles are inherently connected to systems that track all kinds of personal and technical information. Is the intelligent car the new portal through which your data will be shared with the world? Anna Laitin, Catherine McCullough, Cora Han, Harold Ford Jr Panel • Intermediate • #CarPrivacy 5:00 PM Sheraton: Capitol ABCD Orgasm: The Broadband of Human Connection Orgasm is different than what we've been taught. What is orgasm? Orgasm has the same fundamental goal as the Internet—human to human connection. Join a discus- sion on the real meaning of orgasm and how it relates to the Internet and technology. Nicole Daedone Solo • Intermediate • #Orgasm 5:00 PM Sheraton: Capitol EFGH Starting a Company While Staying a Couple What's it like starting a company with your significant other? Your work and home life will lose separation. Some VCs won't fund you. But at the same time, you get to obsess about work together, long hours are shared, and emotional support comes with the territory. Alexander Moore, Aye Moah, Derek Langton, Mendel Chuang Panel • Beginner • #couplesinc 5:00 PM Sheraton: Capitol View North Is Privacy a Right or an Illusion? As U.S. citizens, we have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But do we have a right to data privacy? Or is privacy just an illusion? Privacy has become a touchy subject; consumers want to feel safe and in control of their information. Is there a defining line? If so, where/what is it? Barrie Vanbrackle, Greg Cohen Core Conversation • Intermediate • #bigbrother 5:00 PM Sheraton: Capitol View South Your #Hashtag Is Your Event Twitter changes everything. That's especially true for events. So do smartphones, tab- lets, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, and lots of other new tools and technologies. We'll explore the latest best practices and learn from each other. If you put on events, spon- sor events, make tools for events, or just love events, please join us. Brian Duggan, Tom Spano Core Conversation • Intermediate • #eventtech 5:00 PM Sheraton: Creekside Location Deception: Yacht vs. GPS Spoofer The answer: Yes. The question: Could you hijack my yacht? The backstory: It all started at SXSW. Last June, a $2k box the size of a briefcase took control of an $80M yacht the size of a jumbo jet. A team of UT Austin scientists used a custom-made GPS device to hijack the navigation system of the White Rose of Drachs as it sailed the Mediter- ranean. Andrew Scofield, Jahshan Bhatti, Kenneth Himschoot, Todd Humphreys Panel • Beginner • #yachthack FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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