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7 17 Issue 61 / 2014 HIPHOP / RNB ON LATEST RELEASE DEAL OR NO DEAL Deal or no deal represents where I'm at. Deal, or no deal I'm gonna keep making the best music to my ability, you know? For the people that can feel it. It has a lot of live instruments with a hip hop feel, a neo-soul feel with some up tempo's. ON HIS FAVOURITE RAPPER I would say my favourite rapper right now is Kendrick Lamar. There's a lot of people I listen to. There's Wretch (Wretch 32) as well. I'm a big fan of Wretch as well. Anybody doing there thing in a big way is inspiring to me. It's the content, the message. Anyone can make music but only a few can convey the message and pull it across to make the people relate to it. They appeal to the masses. Like J. Cole as well. Even Vick Mensa, he's dope as well. ON WHO HE WOULD WANT TO COLLAB WITH I would love to collab with Wretch. ON WHAT HIS GOALS ARE IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, WHAT THE ULTIMATE ACHIEVEMENT WOULD BE Right now more exposure really And being respected for what I do, my art. Everything we do takes time. Obviously people just see the end result, they don't see the whole writing process and all the studio time. I just want to share it out to more people and hopefully it reaches them. ON WHAT WE CAN EXPECT FROM YJ NEXT I've been working on Deal or no Deal 2, so that will be coming out soon. I won't say when but in the meantime there will be more visuals from Deal or no Deal. We released "where do we go?" The other day and we've got another one on the way. AND YOU HAVE A RECORD LABEL THING GOING ON WITH DJ ILL WILL? We are trying to build it man, I think it started with just me and Ill Will, you know CEO is trying just to put our ideas together and make this movement happen. And hopefully we can build a bigger brand with more artists soon. HOW DID IT HAPPEN BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR RECORD LABEL RCA? The record label thing happened, you know, it was a go. It was a thing you know, we were independent and we set a go to, you know, we gonna do this independently, make this moves, hit this numbers this week and go after that deal you know. They wanted a deal early because they felt I could be a dope artist just off looks but at the same time we needed to prove something, just musically, man, and release that independent album. WHAT'S NEXT FOR KID INK BASICALLY? Next I just want to grow the movement, hopefully ask some more artists and producers in, now just focus on Kid Ink and focus on the whole brand. IS THERE A NEW ALBUM OR MIXTAPE COMING SOON FROM YOU PERSONALLY? Of course man, I'm gonna continue working. And expect something this year, you know what I'm saying, whether being mixtape, album or compilation, just something with Kid Ink name on it, you know. INTERVIEW Savanaa | YJ " They wanted a deal early because they felt I could be a dope artist just off looks but at the same time we needed to prove something " Follow @thelifeofyj Coming straight out of Peckham YJ has had 2 sold out shows and released his acclaimed EP "The message" and the highly anticipated latest release, mixtape "Deal or No Deal". YJ has a big following and rightly so! His musical talent is evident. At the start of his career he performed at Bow Wow's concert with r'n'b singer Mario. He has also performed at Nigerian artist 2Face's concert. From the start his talent was acknowledged and these opportunities led to a loyal fan base and support from big DJ's in the game such as Semtex and Target of BBC Radio 1Xtra. YJ's latest single "Where do we go?" Is a true reflection of his talent. With a catchy soulful melody and a deep, relatable focus.

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