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SO WHAT'S HAPPENING NAVI? WHERE YOU BEEN, MAN? I'm a universal dude innit. IT'S GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK HERE VYBZING, BUBBLING AT JUNGLIST MOVEMENT. Definitely! WHAT'S YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE VIBE TONIGHT? Well I know Leke from being around Dj Ron back in the day. They had a little place down in Hatton Garden. Ron had a place down there and Leke was there. They started the Junglist Movement right there. That was the birth of the whole ting. Twenty years later and it's a madness! That was a good turnout. The people, you could see they understand about the music, and they understand the origination of what this ting is about. Regardless, everything is what it is. Perceptions and opinions are what they are, but this music is passionate emotion. The passion of the music is second to none. We had musical realism as song. When we heard that 'Back In The Jungle', it was like we were sixteen and seventeen again, and we were already thirty. Were were late twenties already. It was like we were kids again. That's what jungle means to me. It brought me back to my youth and it's still bringing me back to my youth right now. IT'S LIKE 95 OUT THERE! Proper! I love the way the DJ's play the music. The MC's do what they do. We book them for that. They do their ting! Then there's MC Moose, for me Moose is my Godfather of the jungle. IS HE OUT TONIGHT? I have no idea. I think he's done an AWOL. WHEN YOU GET YOU THREE BADMAN TOGETHER, IT'S LIKE NOTHING CHANGED. Yeah, we're engravings to the fabric of the music; coz I wasn't an MC at first, I was a raver, and after that was on Cool FM for six months. Thinking back I went on there from like April/ May and by August… gone! Junglist Movement; the reason why the ting was made is because this IS a movement. Twenty years later, we're still here, and that's testament to the t-shirt and the name brand called Junglist Movement. If it weren't a real movement, we wouldn't be here twenty years later. It's rammed tonight! (Marvellous Cain, who had joined MC Navigator, added his input) (Marvellous Cain) Straight up. (MC Navigator) It's rammed tonight, rammored, proper ting! People a na pop off in a de dance! They know the ting! (Marvellous Cain) Navi's come all the way from Germany. Respect for that. (MC Navigator) Came from Berlin tonight coz to me it was important to be here. EVERYONE COME TO REPRESENT TONIGHT. (MC Navigator) Come out blood. Represent tonight. Big up Junglist Movement for sticking the course for twenty years. Salute. YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO TONIGHT? (Marvellous Cain) Yeah man. Can't wait to represent the Junglist Movement. IT'S CRAZY OUT HERE MAN. Yeah, it looks good. They've done well. Bless em. I'm impressed. COULD YOU GIVE US A JUNGLIST MOVEMENT SHOUT-OUT? This is Marvelous K and I've got to tell all you lot that Junglist Movement, me there. Respect to all the management, respect to all the ravers. Jungle's in our heart. It's twenty years this year. Keep it around and it'll be here forever. One love, Marvellous Cain. 23 Issue 61 / 2014 DRUM & BASS / DUBSTEP Oshi | " the reason why the thing was made is because this IS a movement. Twenty years later, we're still here, and that's testament to the t-shirt and the name brand called Junglist Movement. " A legendary MC, a man who needs no introduction. Navigated from Berlin to witness the incarnation of the Junglist Movement party. NAVIGATOR

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