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Issue 37 / MAR-APR 2012 THE GUESTLIST NETWORK 15 you something which is a part of my soul." I just find that the music is able to basically bring everyone together, no matter what. And this has been a bit of a role for me in some ways. Me being a black DJ and going to South Africa, for instance, but playing to primarily white people – this is something which I can't control. But also there are more black people in that white audience than there would normally be because I'm a black DJ. So it's slowly slowly, but it has to happen in some way, so we understand what happens out there when it comes to racism. And I like to think that this music has broken down the barriers of racism today. We're all dancing to the same beat. And if I can achieve that… that is one of the reasons I feel so strongly about being open-minded, in a sense that my door is open for anyone to walk through it. That must be one of your big achieve- ments, a kind of a pioneer in a lot of respects. Yeah, because I mean if you look at the DJ roster, if you look at who's black and who's white, there are more white DJs than there are black. But the thing is I've never really felt any way about that, I've just managed to be a person who can look through everything and to get to the people who want to be on the dancefloor no matter what colour, creed or race they are. If I can see an Indian guy, a Chinese guy and I can see a Japanese guy and a black guy and a white guy on the dancefloor and enjoying themselves, that's the moment I know that people can come together without thinking about where they came from or who they are because the music has brought everyone together, based on what I believe to be right. I think that that was a really good question to ask. I'm sure you must admit that your smile must have something to do with your success 'cos you did mention it and you have always got this massive grin on your face. What do you think, do you reckon that's been a key to your success? (Laughs) Yeah, I think so. You see so many DJs that look really moody and not interested, and I'm thinking how can you be in a position where there's 20,000 people in front of you, jumping up and down, shouting your name, go- ing crazy…and you're not even ripping a smile. I love my job. I love people enjoy- ing what I do and I'm giving you some- thing which is a part of my soul. There's nothing better than to really see people enjoying themselves, jumping up and down and having a good time. I can't help but laugh or smile or get involved in the moment. I love that, and I think that when people see me smiling, enjoying myself, jumping up and down, clapping and going mad, I think that energy rubs off on people and they know that they're having a good time too. It does make a big difference, man. We notice it. Now you've had many big achievements, Carl, but have you got any regrets? One of the biggest problems I've had throughout my career is basically not being able to have a stable relation- ship with ladies. I was married once and it didn't work out, purely due to the fact that I wasn't at home enough, so I haven't been able to have kids. And missing my Mum and Dad, because I live in Barbados and it's really difficult for me to go see them half the time. Hanging with my family and friends is something that I haven't been able to do as much as I'd like as well. I've given up quite a lot to be where I am today. I keep in contact with them on Skype, telephone calls and texts and that stuff, but I grew up with a very close-knit family and my friends and everything. Growing up to be the person that I am today, I had to leave all of that behind. I kind of regret that. I had a good childhood, but there were sacrifices to be made for the career that I've created for myself today. So there is a cost to being the biggest DJ in the world. Yeah, yeah. Ok just wrapping up now. Any advice for anyone out there trying to be the best at something? I think the only advice I can give is that when you're doing what you're doing, you have to believe in what you're doing. Whether you're playing reggae, drum & bass, dubstep or house music or techno, as long as you believe in what you're playing and don't follow anybody and basically play from the heart and you feel a part of what you're trying to create is the best way that you could have your career and the way that you feel that represents you. That's what's got me to where I am today. I truly believe in what I always have done and I haven't followed any fashion or anything. I've just basi- cally made sure that I've represented myself at the highest level and enjoyed myself every single time I've done it. Nice. What are you really looking for- ward to right now, Carl? Well, I was going to say a really good holiday, but I'm actually having a good holiday at the moment. I'm here in Australia where I live and it's the sum- mer season here. I've got a couple more weeks and then I will be getting back behind the turntables. The first big party will be in Miami for Ultramuted Festival, and I'm really looking forward to getting back behind the turntables and getting back to work to make sure that people are still having a very good time by Carl Cox. Nice so I guess you gotta make the most of a little rest and relaxation before you hit that Ultra! (Laughs) One day we'd really like you to play enjoying what I do and I'm giving "I love my job. I love people our birthday party at The Guestlist Network. Is it going to take us one year, five years or 50 years to be able to afford it? (HEARTY LAUGH) I would reckon one year, man (laughs). It won't take much more than that. One year? Nice one. We'll hopefully see you over this year and I'll definitely be giving you a call next year about that. Alright, superb. Thanks a lot for your time, Carl, enjoy your holiday. Thank you, I appreciate it. See you soon. Bye. Carl Cox, The Revolution @ The Electric Brixon 5th & 6th April. Ibiza season 'The Revolution Recruits' starts @ Space 3rd July. Visit:

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