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24 FILM Issue 37 / MAR-APR 2012 PROJECT X MARCH 3RD Despite a fuzzy, ambiguous trailer with more than a few nods to 'found footage' and [REC], Project X offers a different kind of handheld horror. This being a comedy centered on a trio of High School pals looking to raise their social status, there are obviously shades of Su- perbad here. But the film's mockumentary approach – not to mention it's awesome set pieces is more than enough to set it apart from the hormonal pack.Thomas (Thomas Mann) is a High School nobody who is ef- fectively bullied by his friends Costa (Oliver Cooper) and – to a lesser extent – JB (Jona- han Daniel Brown) into hosting a party. With the dual intention of both losing his virginity and becoming a legend, Costa abuses every social network imaginable. You know that rule that says only half the people who select 'Going' on Facebook will actually turn up? Well, unfortunately for Thomas (and his absent parents), these guests prove very reliable as the party goes over capacity and out of control. Everything onwards is simply demented; dwarves emerge from ovens, cars end up in the pool and the age-old question of what happens when you attach a dog to helium balloons is finally answered. First time director Nima Nourizadeh's background in music videos is clearly visible through his use of scantily clad females and a thumping soundtrack to evoke his party atmosphere. A romantic subplot is woven into the plot, but the film's true heart lies in the relationship between Thomas, Costa and JB. The actors chemistry is undeniable and carries the film through it most turbu- lent moments. AMERICAN PIE: REUNION April 6th Jim, Stifler and – perhaps most importantly –Stifler's Mom are back for what is supposedly the last piece of Pie. THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY April 6th Henry Cavill is somehow sur- prised his dad Bruce Willis has ended up in a rather sticky situa- tion with the CIA in this action thriller. BATTLESHIP May 18th As Hollywood runs rapidly out of ideas, the inevitable flood of movies based on board games is fast approaching. But this doeshave Liam Neeson in it, so the odds are in its favour. COMING SOON...

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