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Issue 37 / MAR-APR 2012 www.guestlist.netFILM 25 THE HUNGER GAMES MARCH 23RD In the wake of Harry Potters ceremonious dénouement, Hollywood has been clambering to find The Next Big Franchise. The Golden Compass had potential, but the Bible-bashing undertones that made the book so compelling were stretched and censored beyond recognition by a wary studio and the film subsequently bombed. By comparison, Suzanne Collins' page-turner about a dystopian future in which adolescents are pitted against each other in a fight to the death is hardly light reading. So kudos to director Gary Ross for very much keeping the spirit of Collin's visceral prose in tact. This bleak future sees the nation of Panem rise out of what used to be North America. Dominated by the wealthy Capitol, the twelve surrounding districts dread the annual lottery that determines which unlucky teen must take part in the deadly Hunger Games. When her sister is randomly selected as District 12's female contestant, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence – X-Men: First Class) volunteers herself to be her replacement. Along with longtime acquaintance Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), and a host of other unlucky teens, the two are paraded on television prior to the event itself. Sob stories ensue; essential for garnering public sympathy, which in turn could result in care packages sent from avid viewers. Does this sound in any way familiar? The subtext here is pretty searing stuff, and is achieved through a high dose of realism, not least from contrasting the glossy TV sets with chirpy hosts to the inclusion of bloody, genuine demises for the competing teens. It may very well be The Next Big Thing, but this isn't the new Harry Potter. The Hunger Games is a completely different beast altogether. INNOCENT BYSTANDERS Roger Sargent's 2011 masterpiece, documenting The Libertine's 2010 reunion will be showing at six screenings throughout the UK. Be sure to check it out! March 19th - O2 Academy Bristol March 20th - O2 Academy Birmingham 2 March 21st - O2 Academy Islington March 22nd - O2 Academy Liverpool March 23rd - O2 Academy Newcastle March 24th - O2 ABC Glasgow THERE ARE NO

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