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28 FASHION Issue 37 / MAR-APR 2012 NATURAL & ORGANIC skin care using delicate FLOWERS from the BALTIC meadows and forests LUCIFER JEWELLERY ANTONIO CHIUMMO We caught up with creator of Lucifer Jewellery to find out why no body is perfect without one of their pieces. Antonio, how are you? I'm good. Welcome to Lucifer Headquarters. Could you tell me more about your designs and the philosophy of your company? no animal testing natural & organic chemical-free Available to buy in or online at fi nd us on facebook and twitter Lucifer was founded on the 6th June 2006. That's why the logo is 666. It was really complicated registering the logo. I was very keen to do it. The philosophy of our brand is basically that nobody is perfect. Lucifer was God's most beautiful angel, but when he tried to be like God he was expelled and cast down to Earth to corrupt humanity. We don't believe in satanic principles. Nobody is perfect. That's why every single item is made individually. No one piece is the same as another. We want to capture people's imagination. Can you tell me about the latest collection and the inspiration behind your jewellery? The inspiration is always the same. We try to be inspirited by everything. I try to capture things from everywhere and put them together to create a little bit of contradiction and controversy. The latest collection is divided into two main parts. The first is the solid silver collection, the Lucifer V.I.P. The other is the standard Lucifer collection. I think everyone should get a piece. I made a collection for young people who are still studying and on a budget. Items range from around £100 to £1000. The most expensive ones are bracelets and rings with complex mechanisms. What is your biggest achievement as a brand? I think our biggest achievement is the creation of a ring that changes its size at the click of a button. That took one year to develop. It's a revolutionary design. Do you have celebrities wearing your jewellery? Yes, I've worked with a lot of companies. I know how difficult it is to pitch items to celebrities. They have a lot of companies approaching them. Celebrities get paid to wear items. We don't pay them because they like whatever we do. We are actually quite lucky. We have a number of celebrities wearing the brand, football players mainly. Do celebrities place special orders for their jewellery? Rarely. We sell items chosen by my office, my creating director or by me. But if an important celebrity asks for something specific, of course we accommodate them. Do you have any ideas for the new collection? Yes, but I cannot disclose anything yet. If you were invisible for one day, where you want to go? I heard Rihanna is in town. I'd sneak into her room while she's getting dressed and give a Lucifer item (laugh). Sorry, nobody is perfect. Visit:

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