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36 HIP HOP / RNB Lloyd He has performed to a legion of fans the world over. His name resonates in every corner of the earth. A singer, songwriter, producer and best sell- ing extraordinaire artist, Lloyd is in the building. Wayne Wow! You're too kind man. I've never ever had an introduction like that before. I think I should probably bring you on the road with me and you can introduce me every night when we perform. That was awesome. Okay, we'll hook up. Your people can chat to my people. We'll get that thing pop- ping. Speaking about on the road, you're doing a promotional tour as well, aren't you? Yeah man, I'm just travelling the world a little. I'm working, but I've got some free time now. I just released a new single called 'Do It Again.' There's a version that features my good friend Chipmunk. I'm here promoting that. I'm just getting ready to come back in two weeks with a live band. It's a five piece. We've got drums, keys, guitar and bass. I'm on the keys the whole night. We'll be here for about 4 or 5 days. We're doing London Jazz café for 2 days. March 12th is already sold out. The 13th is the second show, so I wanted to come out and encourage the fans to sup- port. I heard 'Dedication' was doing pretty well here. I just wanted to come out and see for myself. Recently we saw you appear on Bed Rock with Drake, Lil Wayne and Nikki Minaj. People expected you to be signing with Young Money but you switched and went with Interscope. First and foremost, what was it like hanging out with them, and why did you switch to Interscope? They're my family. We've always been good friends. I had a chance to work with Drake on his first album. Nikki and me released some music for free for my mix tape, my only mix tape ever. Me and Weezy have been working together since I was 16, and me and Tyga have been working since his early mix tapes. I just enjoy hanging out around people my age who have money. They can afford to have a good time without getting in trouble. I feel like any time we get together we always capitalise on the mo- ment at hand and make the most of it. You know what I'm saying? There's a lot of love for them. Big shout out to them. As far as going to Interscope was concerned, man… It was just right. It just felt right. Your collaborations are always off the cuff and different. The single 'Lay It Down' has samples from 1984. You bring in Patti LaBelle on one remix. What's the the story behind that track? The first 3 tracks we recorded were also the first 3 we released to the public in that order. 'Lay It Down' was the absolute first. You can only imagine what it was like being in the process of recording something that strong, that bold, that soulful. I really enjoyed per- forming that track, particularly making funny faces trying to hit the right notes. I just wanted to do something that the fans would enjoy and appreciate.I think it's too easy to hate on something these days. I wanted to do something that was completely hater- proof, and I think it's really hard to hate on Patti. She's just wonderful. 'Dedication To My Ex' racked up in excess of 3 million views on YouTube. Got the whole James Brown 60s soul vibe, and even the video pays homage to that de- cade. What's the creative history behind that track and the video as well? When we did the video I wanted to compli- ment the music, so we aimed for 1965 and had the whole set pretty much appropriate to that time - the clothing, the movement… everything. I wanted to be as authentic as possible. I studied James Brown and Jackie Wilson, all the big artists of that era, and I tried to bring my own interpretation. You have a UK release out right now. It's popping off on both sides of the Atlantic. You're truly an international star in that respect. You've got your collaboration 'Do It Again' with Chipmunk, or Chip as you call him. How did that come about? Chip and I have been trying to collaborate for the past few years now. I've come over to London a few times over the last few years. I always keep my ears to the street to see to what's happening. I think Chipmunk repre- sents the neighbourhood well and is one of the more prominent influences in Hip- hop today. That's why I wanted to work with him. You seem to have a strong social con- science, and it's reflected in your music... I've had the pleasure and honour of being able to travel to where I'm originally from: Africa. Also, being from New Orleans, Louisiana, where Katrina was pretty much devastating, I've had a lot opening my eyes. To see all the turmoil in the world… it really affects me sometimes. I think music has always been about the people. That's what it's supposed to be. I try to place myself in their shoes, somewhat respectfully, whilst also giving my take on everything. The mes- sage behind the music is so important. Keri Hilson was a very beautiful, beautiful young thing - lovely legs - but it wasn't about the legs. (Laughs). It was about the message. I wish you all the best, brother. Good luck with the promotional tour, and if you ever pass by the UK again, swing by The Guestlist Network Thank you very much for having me. It's always an honour. neighbourhood well and is one of the more prominent influences in Hip- hop today." Keep up to Lloyd at www.twitter/lloydonlinenet "I think Chipmunk represents the Issue 37 / MAR-APR 2012

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