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40 DnB / DUBSTEP / BREAKS This pioneers of dubstep and has come a long since working at the Big Apple record store in Croydon. With epic stage dives, a new album, tour and his show alongside Skream on Radio 1, 2012 is set for another massive year. BENGA You're going on tour with Youngman and it all kicks off on Friday at Brighton, you looking forward to it? Tab Taylor Yeah really looking forward to it, but I have never done a tour like this before like every single night it's full on and it's practically every night! Jeeze, you're gonna be tired! I don't get tired when I tour. We spoke with Youngman the other day, he's doing big things at the moment. How did you guys link up? You know what, we met in France. Its a funny story and, well, to cut a long story short. I basi- cally left my watch in my room and he remem- bered I had a watch and was like where's your watch and I was like rarr!! So he basically saved my life! Wow he saved your life, that's deep. Well I came back with my watch, if he wasn't there, I would have come home without it! And from then on the friendship grew, yeah? Yeah we love the same things. We love making music and girls, We have lots in common. What so you're both ladies men? I don't know about me, but he is. You're going to America to tour as well? Yeah we tour from March 15th to mid April. Whats the vibe like over there? Amazing. I've done a few shows over there, there is so much hype over dubstep. They go crazy and you play to big crowds. Me and Skream played in LA and played to 10,000 people and headlined our own show in NY to 2,500 people. What about all the hype with Skrillex? Wow, he's manic. His shows are very rock 'n' roll it's mental, don't get me wrong our shows are kinda the same, but I kinda compare him with someone like Odd Future and Tyler The Creator. Would you ever work with him? Yeah, why not! We did plan to get in a studio when we were in LA but it never happened. So something to watch out for the in the future? Yeah, 100%. I have to ask, are you still the biggest joker ever? Of course I am, what's changed! Do I sound like the biggest joker ever? Yeah. Then there you go, I am still the biggest joker ever! I have to mention the stage dives... you're pretty well known for that? In the last five or six months I've done the crazi- est crowd surfs ever! I did one in LA and they took me outside the building through the crowd, 'round by the bar and by the steps outside the club! It was crazy. What's the biggest prank you've played on someone whilst on tour? Ah I have calmed it down a lot as I did a prank in Birmingham where I pretended to be dead, and since then I've had to calm down. What happened is that I walked into the hotel quite late and the cleaning lady was a few doors down and I literally just lied on the floor. She came in and felt my pulse but obviously in the wrong area and then must have thought I was dead, She ran out screaming "He's dead, he's dead". And I jumped up and went "Rarrrr!!!!" She burst into tears and I got banned from the hotel, so I thought after that I better clam down. I could tell that I fucked her up. Well done on your slot at Radio 1, what a mas- sive achievement! We are really excited but a lot of time was quite into it. It will be every Friday at 11pm. What else has been going on in the world of Benga? We have been working on the video for one of my songs at the moment called 'Bow Wow', and I have an album coming out in August, I signed a deal with Columbia late last year and I wanted to have it out by April but it got pushed back. So have you been spending a lot of time on the album then? Yeah, I am still working on it! It's kinda like I have handed it in but I'm not going to stop working on it until it's the final deadline. Even when it comes out I'll still be changing it and re-releasing it. Do you feel a lot of pressure with the album? It's not really pressure, but I think that with the state of dubstep at the minute. It's about time that I release something. Like, this is me and this is what I have done for the last 10 years and this is where I plan to push it. What sort of vibes can we expect from this? Well its all over the place, I've got 3 singles which are in my eyes number one hits. So I have stuff like that and I have other stuff that is really really dark . Some of it is a bit too dark for a major label audience. Do you ever feel a bit like you've left the origi- nal dubstep days behind? I don't know, because I am a big fan of mov- ing forward, I guess in order for me to do that everything has to grow and my music has to change, so in some ways you can say that I have left things behind but for the good. I'm just an ambitious person. So, after the tour, you have the album out in the summer... what's next? World domination! If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring three famous people, who would you bring? Kelly Brook, Nicki Minaj and Megan Fox. If you were to take The Guestlist Network to a party, where would you take us? Probably The Box because they put on sex shows and it's a great club! Can you give us an exclusive.... I'm getting married in two weeks! Nah I'm only joking where would I get time to get married? Nah. An exclusive for you guys is that my next tune is gonna be called 'I will never change'. Catch Benga on tour through out March/ April. For more info go to "I am a big fan of moving forward, I guess in order for me to do that everything has to grow and my music has to change." Issue 37 / MAR-APR 2012

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