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6 THE GUESTLIST NETWORK Issue 37 / MAR-APR 2012 Win £100 for the funniest clubbing picture! We want to see your pics This month The Guestlist Network and Cash Genie are giving away 2x £100 to the 2 people that send us the funniest picture. Here is the winners of last month- Charlene Jones & Peter Smith Email your funnies to WHAT'S WHAT... Who's been saying what online this month? We name, fame and shame celebs mouthing off in cyberspace. You are what you tweet. @Labrinthda1st "I was so cold so I stole a girls scarf" Labrinth; showing us that chivalry isn't dead. @example "I need a haircut, a shave and a shower ASAP or people are gonna start asking me for the latest copy of The Big Issue" I might actually start buying if you did. @Fluxpavilion "hahaha i reserve the right to not call my track penis, but lets see what wins" Like a mug, Mr Pavilion asked his subjects to name his new single. I personally picked 'Flux Capacitor', but everyone thought 'Penis' had a certain ring to it and it's growing on me. On this occasion, it wouldn't be too bad if you softened up my good man! @DonaldGlover "I'm trending. Did I die?" No CG, you're alive and well! What would all the Oreos do without their leader? @FleshnBoneBTNH Flesh-n- Bone Flesh n Bone "Shout out to the Federal Agents fol- lowing me on FB and twitter. Yall don't forget to cop that new Live album and blast it in your cubicles." I'm pretty sure mocking the FBI over is not the best way to keep yourself out of prison Flesh. @Royceda59 Nickel "I don't offer gum out... Don't want people thinking I'm tryna insinuate sum shit..." That's very considerate to the self conscience out there but, when the time comes that you get offered gum by Royce Da 5'9" you know it must be a serious situation. @fucktyler Tyler, The Creator "fart in my fucking mouth" We know you love to be outrageous, Tyler, but we'd really rather not. Kid's gotta grow up sometime, ey?! GIRL FINDS OUT PARENTS ARE SWINGERS WHEN SHE SEES MOTHER IN CAGE AND FATHER AS BATMAN A 15 year old teenager turned on the TV and got the shock of her life when she saw her parents featured in a programme about a swinger's club. The father had a sex toy in his hand while dressed as Batman, and her mother was in a cage wearing stock- ings and suspenders. The mortified German couple claimed emotional upset for their daughter and tried to sue the broadcasting company RTL for massive damages. The couple argued that they were under the impression their features would be pixellated out. The production company accepted they had made this pledge to those participating but said they had 'simply forgotten' to do so. The couple would have had to bring their daughter into court to testify if they wanted to COMPETITION RULES 1. By entering a Competition, entrants agree to be bound by these Rules. 2. The Competition is organised by Cash Genie UK Ltd. 3. The Competition is only open to persons over the age of 18 and proof of date of birth may be required before any prize is awarded. 4. The entrant authorises Cash Genie UK Ltd to use any information/comment provided to be used in promotional material whether online, TV, Radio or future publications. 5. By entering the Competition, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete. Cash Genie UK Ltd reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all entrants. 6. Unless stated otherwise in the Competition Notice, prize winners will be chosen at random from all correct Entries (for competitions involving answering questions or where entry is by emailing or otherwise providing a name and/or contact details to Cash Genie UK Ltd) or from all submitted entries (where creative or artistic merit or other subjective criteria apply to entries (unless these are being judged as set out in the Competition Notice)), within 28 days of the closing date specified in the Competition Notice. Tie-breakers will be judged by Cash Genie UK Ltd and, if required by law, by an independent adjudicator. In all matters, the decision of the judge(s) and Cash Genie UK Ltd shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into. 7. Prize winners will be notified in writing to either their home address or email address. 8. The closing date for this competition is 7th November 2011. Entries received after this date will not be eligible for entry in to the competition. 9. The full Terms and Conditions for this competition can be found on the Cash Genie UK Ltd website at 10. Should you require any further information in relation to this competition please contact us at Cash Genie UK Ltd, Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, LONDON SW19 2RR. contest the case further. The judge commented to the German national paper Suddetsche that the case was 'simply embarrassing.' However the judge did suggest the production company and RTL pay the parents a small fee for their ap- pearance and cover their legal ex- penses. This was agreed and the couple received just £160 each and their legal costs were paid. Imagine if this was you and your parents! We don't think £160 would quite cover the embarrassment! If you don't win you could always get a helping hand from the Genie at for that little extra bit of cash until you get paid. JAZZ FM ACCIDENTALLY PLAYS GAY PORN BIZARRE NEWS Jazz FM forced to apologise for a mistake that involved playing several minutes of gay porn over a jazz beat during the pre-recorded Funky Sensation programme. It is February 18th at 7.15pm, whilst many people were settling down to a family meal, stunned, and disgusted listeners took to Twitter to point out the error. After hearing what appeared to be the sound of two men having sex over a jazz beat. The cause of the incident has been blamed on "unauthorised access to the live feed" according to Mike Vitti who is head of programming and had also presented the show. Apologies have been made and an investigation has been launched into exactly how the incident occurred. TWITTERTWATTER

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