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10 THE GUESTLIST NETWORK Issue 37 / MAR-APR 2012 GET TO KNOW A CULTURE CHILLI MINT MUSIC UPS THE ANTE IN THE VINYL VS DIGITAL DEBATE If you're any kind of discern- ing music collector – electronic or otherwise – you'll know how the 'Vinyl vs. Digital' debate has started to invade the conversation of almost every DJ and producer across the globe. In a digital world that's knee- deep in recession, the cost and in- convenience of vinyl is sometimes too much for consumers to bear. Nevertheless, there is still staunch support for the original medium of the DJ, thanks to the unsurpass- able sound quality of those slabs of wax. Part of that support is from new record label Chilli Mint Music, an innovative tech- and deep-house imprint set up by a couple of well-known producers that aims to actively reward those who remain true to the craft of vinyl. As international DJs and producers, the label bosses, who for now wish to remain anonymous in an effort to provide quality of music over quality of reputation, have been immersed in the debate for years and finally decided it was time to reclaim some pride in the medium and some exclusivity for its patrons. By choosing to release tracks in extremely limited runs of vinyl weeks and months before any kind of digital release, CMM is the first and only label to truly support those who purchase and use vinyl. Those who manage to get their hands on a physical copy will then be sent the digital copies a whole two weeks before they go on sale. It's an exciting new concept that we think a lot of labels will be imitating in the near future and it's for this reason that Chilli Mint Music is this month's Label of the Month. The first releases on Chilli Mint Music are two various artists EPs, featuring tracks by Joao Teixeira, Whim-ee, Deep Fiction and Betoko, amongst others. With future releases from Sellouts, Lee Webster and a whole host of oth- ers, Chilli Mint Music is looking to quickly establish itself as a leading label in the house scene. We like to look at different cultures and try to understand more about those around us. This month we are looking at what is like to be Thai, and how being Thai differs from life here in the UK. Way to Greet Before starting conversation, you act po- litely by putting your hands on the prayer position to convey respect. Thai people don't really say good morning, good afternoon or good evening. They say "Sawaddee", which means good-good. But you have to add "Krab" if you are a guy or "Ka" if you are a girl. Way of Addressing People When Thai people meet, the first thing they do after they greet is ask each other's age. Once this is established, the younger person will refer to the other person as "Phi" (pronounced 'pee'). For example "Kai" would become "Phi Kai" if you are younger than him. There are exceptions to this rule. When the person says "No, just call me Kai", generally this person doesn't want to be known as the older one. We all know the type! Way of Paying Respect Once you know each other's age, or you establish that someone is in a higher posi- tion than you, you have you show respect. For example, whenever you want to walk pass your boss, your teacher or your parents, you have to bend over. Matters of the Heart Thai people consider, a lot, about the others' feelings. In Thai, they say "to have water in the heart". This means you have to care about others when you say something, the things that some- one might want and the things you can contribute to your friends, colleagues or society. A Thai person tends to help his friends doing things just because they are friends. He works until midnight for his company's sake, not for extra payment. He takes care of the strange old man on the street and he gives money to poor students whom he doesn't know. AMAZING EGYPT 2 FOR 1 OFFER! SAVE UP TO £690 P/P! TOURS FEATURE CAIRO, ASWAN, LUXOR & THE RED SEA FRIENDLY EXPERT EGYPTOLOGIST GUIDES NILE CRUISE OPTIONS ON FELUCCAS OR DAHABIYAS MAX 18 PEOPLE PER GROUP EGYPT uncovered BOOK NOW! 0845 130 4849 WWW.EGYPT-UNCOVERED.COM SELECTED NILE VALLEY SMALL GROUP TOURS DEPARTING ON 31 MAR & 7 APR UNCOVER THE WORLD

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