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the bedsides that extend out an additional seven inches to match the front fenders and Richer Racing front and rear pre- runner bumpers were added. Aside from the dark window tint from RDC detailing and the company's logos and sponsors on the side of the Bronco, the flat black paint gives this SUV an intimidating off-road appearance. The large Rigid Industries 40-inch light bar mounted to the front bumper, and flush mount amber rear light mounted to the Bronco's tailgate, allows for greater visibility at dusk and at night. "We simply partnered with the best of the best for components and fabrication on this vehicle to ensure its reliability throughout its journeys," says Binkert. "There are certain aspects of this type of build that we do so that they're clean, simple, yet very impactful." By the looks of things, the Bronco is definitely one that will not only perform to a high level that experienced off- road enthusiasts and racers are accustomed to, but it also has a clean and aggressive look that says to onlookers that this is a serious off-road Bronco. SJ RICHER RACING FRONT BUMPER WITH A 40-INCH RIGID INDUSTRIES LED LIGHT BAR. EXTRA OIL COOLING UNDER THE HOOD KEEPS THE ENGINE OPERATING RELIABLY IN THE HOT CONDITIONS OF BAJA THE REAR SUSPENSION HAS 25-INCHES OF WHEEL TRAVEL WITH A SOLO MOTORSPORTS FOUR-LINK AND FOX COIL-OVERS AND 3.0 BYPASS SHOCKS. 095 SCORE JOURNAL

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