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P M F R C A N N U A L R E P O R T 1 6 / 1 7 4 3 V O L U N T E E R S E R V I C E S C H R I S T I N A M C F A D D E N PMFRC Volunteer Services manages volunteering within the PMFRC on all levels as mandated by MFSP. We strive to incorporate volunteer involvement in all aspects of the program, from a governance capacity at the Board of Directors, to the planning, design, delivery and evalua on of services at the PMFRC. Having a strong volunteer community that consists of many Military family members is a central piece in building a strong community of capable, resilient Canadian Armed Forces families. A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S + A C T I V I T I E S Throughout the last year we have introduced a variety of programming for volunteers and a new online pla orm. Through these community-building and informa on-sharing ini a ves we were able to recruit and train 71 new volunteers, find great matches for their skillsets and interests, fill volunteer opportuni- es faster with skilled people and retain more ac ve volunteers. O V E R A L L T H A T R E S U L T E D I N I M P R E S S I V E N U M B E R S O F V O L U N T E E R I N V O L V E M E N T : 1 7 5 V O L U N T E E R S 3 6 2 0 H O U R S

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