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Issue 45 / 2012 CLUB VS CLUB THE ROXY 3-5 Rathbone Place, Marylebone, London, W1T 1HJ CORSICA STUDIOS SE17 1LB 4/5 Elephant Road, London. EVENTS With nights on every day of the week (except Sunday AKA Recovery Day) there is plenty to keep you coming back for more. Sounds are generally at the indier end of the spectrum, but DJs span genre gaps like Spiderman in tight jeans so there is something here for everyone. DRINK With such a variety of nights on offer prices differ, electronic music you'll ever have a chance to hear in London. With DJ heavy line ups, you'll probably want to check out the vibes on offer before you turn up and howl into the mixing booth, demanding Gangnam Style eight times in a row. I'm loath to describe any music as obscure, but here it is certainly 'specific'. EVENTS Corsica Studios showcases some of the best new but are certainly on the cheap side for central London and with 2-4-1 deals in full effect no one is complaining. The selection on offer isn't bad either, and considerably better than many student friendly clubs that only serve piss-weak beer and supermarket vodka. Go large or go broke with a variety of cocktail pitchers currently half price on all nights. Naughty! VIBES So relaxed it's barely standing, whether dressed up or dressed down, the crowds here have come to party in a friendly atmosphere. Always bustling and up for a good time- even midweek – The Roxy is a dependable favourite, much like an older brother who's happy to buy booze for you and won't tell mum or dad when you throw up. DRINK At under a fiver for a beer, it's neither the most expensive nor the cheapest venue in the world. But then you didn't just pay £15 to neck pint after soapy pint while your favourite DJs drone on in the background. Perhaps I'm underselling it. The beer is far from the standard fare, with premium tipples like Nastro Azzuro and Modelo on offer your taste buds have never known such delights in a club. VIBES Despite the underground feel and cutting edge music, the club remains thankfully free from pretension. GUESTLIST 15 7 TUNING IN INDIE SHUFFLE What is your type of music? Oldies or newcomers? Indie and folk or hip-hop and electronic? Indie Shuffle has all that for you, and more.. Indie music in San Francisco (USA) that covers indie rock, pop, hip hop, Shuffle blog based is a folk and much more. so that you don't have to, and have it They so you can listen and all free any music you want. What this download giver also has, that I online is thing personally the for interested greatest music think organized for electronic, shuffle, people, next to the song you're you're going to, and let me tell you- I love those reviews! They also have an iPhone app, so you can shuffle music even is a review listening or on the move. So, if you're a Black Keys or it when you'll find what you're doesn't in: Enjoy!. looking Calvin you're Harris, matter, for the sort of place where you can enjoy a rave without having to tread through a minefield of acid casualties and screwfaced sixteen year olds. Lovely. GOOD NEWS It's arty but grown up and remains RECORD LABEL OF THE MONTH: OVERHEAD WIRES COMEDY FOR BREAKFAST Channel screen a British animated sitcom 'to rival 4 animated series' called Full English. Described as a satirical look at modern British culture, it features the voice acting the great, long-running American has announced that it is to talents of Richard Ayoade, Kayvan Novak and Lucy Montgomery. It is to be animated by LA based Rough Draft, the company behind Family Guy and Futurama. C4 has also created an online game of the show for a multi-platform experience. HOT TUG As winter draws in you might want to get yourself down to the local canal and jump in your Hot Tub Tug Boat. Almost as kinky as it sounds. With room for up to eight people, it heats up to 100 degrees Celsius, and can be rented for cruis- es down the canals of Holland (where else?!). Check out for the low down. A label for fans who are truly indie. this The brainchild of Rich Ward, label is home to some of the best new acts in Brighton. Started in 2008 up Manchester way, this label has found a home on the South Coast where their ethos is to "fuck up this current state of affairs." compadre Aided and Abigail White (who makes George knitted wristbands for all the bands) this small family is keeping it lo-fi. In the personalised current music climate by independent label for art over commerce sounds like a crazy idea, but this is precisely what makes with dwindling CD sales and the controversy over downloading, starting faithful Richie so unique. With Brighton being such a hotbed of up-and-coming Overhead Wires bands like Jipsy Magic, The Long Goodbye, and The indie short of talent. A highlight so far has been a three day alternative Lanes, the called Twisted Frontier, which drew much interest Great Escape, label isn't a from fans, artists, and press alike. punk way of doing things is a welcome relief from the corporate Overhead Wires litter the summer calendar. Their festivals for these guys, by focusing their future artists unique rather and looks attention and much money than cultivating unusual on from bands, they have unlimited milking as ahead of them. www. possible talent as their opportunities DIY which bright the

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