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24 FASHION ALEXA CHUNG INSISTS BOOK IS NOT 'STYLE BIBLE' The presenter turned fashion guru has revealed what can be expected from her forthcoming book. The presenter expanding into literacy after the success of her fashion label, though she insists her book will not be a style bible. Whilst talking to Fashionista, Chung revealed the book is: 'basically a compendium of drawings and photographs, and I'm going to write a bunch of stuff.' She has taken inspiration from online turned DJ is magazine Rookie, and opted for American rather than the bible which has been circulating the media. This light, teenage humorous musings format could be said to reflect Alexa Chung herself, both in her style and personality. When commenting on her own fashion sense, she said: 'I'm always quite scruffy. I don't think I'm renowned for putting on a gown and DJing, that's not my style.' The news has got fashion magazines eager to learn more but as yet the book is still in its first stages, with a title still to be decided. The book, which will be released by Penguin Books, is expected to be out September next year. DQM 2012 FALL/WINTER HAT COLLECTION Issue 45 / 2012 DESIGNER OF A recent fashion graduate from Southampton University. With b it's impossible to ignore the fantastic prints and designs she has Netwrodk was lucy enough catch up with Danielle to see if the ne us what it's like to be the bad birl of fashion. DANIELLE GERMA Other than being my favourite designer at the last showcase I saw you in, why not tell us a little bit about yourself. I grew up in Surrey and didn't have a real interest in fashion until I took my Textiles A level. I studied Fashion and Textiles Design at the Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton. They offer amazing fashion and textiles degrees with brilliant staff and facilities. New York boutique DQM has dropped some new headwear as part of their Fall/ Winter 2012 collection this month. Coming in a selection of different colours and styles, such as as cotton twill, corduroy, crushable leopard, paisley print these denim and nylon, are a must wear this winter. The snapbacks that are inspired by the 90s are available at: www.dqmnewyork. com. You have two "lines" Romeo and Bad Girls. What inspired these pieces? Romeo is a capsule collection inspired by the montague boys in Baz Luhrmanns Romeo + Juliet, with a focus on creating unique and contemporary digital prints infusing the hawaiian and religious themes in the characters attire. Bad Girls is a young vibrant collection capturing the culture of american-mexican gangs. With silhouettes inspired by the oversized masculine attire of gang members, waistlines are dropped and shoulders extended to create an androgynous look. Bad Girls is for the young, adventurous and daring. If you could design an item for anyone, who and what would it be? I would design an outfit for Azelia Banks because I have the biggest girl crush on her at the moment. I think it would be an all-in-one! What are your favourite and least favourite 'trends' of the moment? I love everything in white at the moment; shoes, dresses, bags etc. I really hate kitten heels w passion, they are and alwa horrific. I mean, are they flat? Commit to a category What advice would you giv wanting to discover and their own personal style? Just wear the things you you think look good toge develops naturally I think. R of what you put on tod years time you will proba you looked ridiculous so y as well be happy. Who inspires you persona My Dad inspires me a lot crazy ideas but his enthu what I do is really appre lot of parents see more traditionally academic de

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