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Issue 45 / 2012 HOUSE / TECHNO 33 7 CARL CRAIG Having been in the game for more than 20 years, this Detroit techno legend has become somewhat of an icon in electronic music. Ahead of playing at LWE Presents: Cocoon Heroes 'Into The Magic' next month he gave us the lowdown on moving forward with imprint Planet E, old skool d&b and his musical goals. Martin | Hows life? Cool cool, I just played London it was a beautiful thing. London has a special place in your heart right? Well I lived over in London when I first started doing my thing.. 1989. Yea you have been doing your thing for a long time. How has your spirit changed? Well I had children so my love went towards them. Is Detroit still as gritty as what made it what it was to music? It doesn't have to change the idea of what underground in the past, because we have to really search hard to fight to find the music. Maybe it has become a little easier so its not being revived in the same way as what we saw but even with the fact of getting the best house music into gay clubs, from the late has been a lot of time djing across the world, is there anything that you are particularly about coming up? 90s to 21st Century has been playing Lady GaGa, Madonna and all that stuff or straight up gangster rap so its kinda hard to say that appreciation is still there like it was when were listening to Skinny Puppy. You say that you spend out with someone who would it be? It probably wouldn't be a DJ, like rock out with Herbie Hancock. I would probably You are a legend, but who is a legend to you? "I have been blessed to work with some of the greats such as Quincy Jones, Kevin Saunderson, Herbie Hancock. Yeah, I have been blessed to work with some of the greats such as Quincy Jones, Kevin Saunderson, Herbie Hancock. They are all legends. themselves and if they decide that they want to do it then its fine but i'm not gonna push them. I just want them to learn to play very well and if they want to go university or get a job then they Thats interesting, I think I want them to find They are all legends. excited Yeah there is loads of stuff but sometimes I find out where I am playing a week before and I might be like oh I am playing with Villalobos or i'm playing with Cassy. If it was your birthday and you were playing You are playing with Cassy at LWE Presents: Cocoon Heroes 'Into The Magic' along with Sven Vath, this should be a wicked event? Yeah it should be cool, I am really looking forward to it. You have achieved so much, are there any other musical goals still left to conquer? " can play in bands or in nightclubs. I'm sure you will set them off in the right direction! So if you could have a swimming with anything what would it be? pool Haha naked chicks! I remember Goldie at Metalheadz playing one of your tunes at double speed him and Bukum filled bunch of them back in the day, Grooverider, Fabio, Goldie all those guys, all the legends...Bukum, Roni Size all these were making shit happen as they were so revolutionary at the time. But as far as drum and bass now I couldn't tell you who all the new guys are. I see the legends around sometimes. Are there any exciting things your imprint Planet E that we should be happening on Just to make sure my kids learn piano like virtuoso. Yeah, can you see your kids in there in the studio with you? would do that all the time and it would make the place go crazy! Did you ever delve into any drum and bass yourself? I gave it a bit of a try once for a remix and it didn't really work too well! But you still give it a listen? I'm sure that there are some DJs that you can really appreciate in drum and bass? Yeah well there were a looking out for? We're making some changes on the label right now and i'm really looking forward to these as they are going to be some musical changes for us to develop what the next step of sound will be. I am still looking for the best material though. really Look forward to seeing you out again, the last time I saw you was at the Off Sonar Eastender party last year where you were playing with Moodymann. That was a hell of a night!! Yeah, thank you. important You can catch Carl play at LWE Presents: Cocoon Heroes 'Into The Magic' 1st Dec @ London Pleasure Gardens. For more information check out INTERVIEW

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