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Issue 45 / 2012 FEATURED ARTIST PORTER ROBINSON DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP 43 ARTIST OF THE MONTH: RUDIMENTAL 7 These days, age doesn't matter when it comes to… well, anything. Chloe Moretz was dropping C-bombs in Kick-Ass at age 14. The Jackson 5 had barely left the womb before they started pumping out hits and yet somehow it's still completely when producers of such a young age are churning out amazing it was 18-year-old French whizz-kid Madeon, and now young Porter Robinson has emerged. At tunes. years old Porter has toured just twenty Recently astounding with the likes of Skrillex, Tiesto In 2011 Skrillex took the North Carolina native under his wing and released Robinson's first EP 'Spitfire' under his own label OWSLA. For those of you who have heard and Deadmau5. 'Language' the may be surprised to hear this first endeavour by Robinson. Clearly and young, this musican worth keeping an eye on. taleted radio-friendly summer, When drum 'n' bass experimentalist Rudimental's debut single 'Feel The Love' reached number one in June this year we knew that their rise to the top spot was justified. Some may know them from the underground smash 'Spoons', and many will know them from their remix of Ed Sheeran's 'Drunk'. But it was their combination of drum 'n' bass beats, jazzy horns and the soulful vocals of John Newman on 'Feel the Love', that most will be familiar with. And clearly the thinking here is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". The Hackney Quartet are back with their new single 'Not Giving In', and they have stuck with what they know. John Newman once again lends his old school vocals and Alex Clare has also jumped on the Rudimental bandwagon. Rudimental have coined a style that is uplifting, anthemic and different which has delivered them success with both hardcore Drum n Bass fans and in the mainstream. 'Not Giving November 11. In' is released on PARADOX DIRTY CITY (PARADOX MUSIC ZERO – T THE ROXY MUSIC PLATE2 (DISPATCH RECORDINGS) CURRENT VALUE QUANTUM PHYSICS (BARCODE) TOTAL SCIENCE/NEED FOR MIRRORS DRAMAZ (CLEAR SKYZ) DISGU!SE REMIXES VOL. 2 (HEARTFELT) EGOLESS BEFORE AFTER EP (LO DUBS US) MEDICAL MIX VARIOUS ARTISTS (MED SCHOOL) XILENT Touch Sound EP (AUDIOPORN RECORDS) SPOR ZIGGURAT/PUSH ME PULL YOU (SHOP LIFTED) JOKER OLD ERA (KAPSIZE) GETZ/NUAGE MODERN TIMES (INTERACTIVE RECORDINGS) KHAFRU MIRRORS BECOME DOORS AT NIGHT EP (LOOMIS AND JONES)

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