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44 DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP Issue 45 / 2012 ORIGINAL SIN Ahead of playing at the legendary Innovation in the Dam next month, we had a chat with the DJ/ producer from the Real Playaz imprint. Having just dropped a new album 'Mad World' we caught up with one of the kings of jump up. Tab Taylor | How's it going? Where are you at the moment? It's going well, thank you. I'm currently based in the UK and Canada, but I tour everywhere, right this second I'm in Canada preparing a European tour. Tell us about your early days of music, and G Dub? That was an exciting and tough time for us back then, we went through a lot of hardship in the early years as G Dub, as we weren't making much money and we had to split everything, we made 50/50. But at the same time, we were making the music we love, and it didn't take long for things to blow up for the G Dub brand, it's still talked about today and that's why among other reasons, we are re-forming G Dub and have an EP planned for release in 2013. You're playing at the legendary Innovation in the Dam, what draws you back year after year? I love Inno' in The Dam, it's a wicked party and Lloyd (the owner) looks after us all well and the events are pure good vibes. I usually stay out for a few days, if my schedule permits. Innovation we have an EP coming next year" "G Dub are reforming, Well, it's not getting shouted at a lot! But on the flip side, I'm not easy to deal with myself. I think in a strange way that sums it up nicely, we're family. I've known Hype and Pascal for over 6 years now, so we have a slightly dysfunctional but fun time. The best part about events have been very supportive of me so I will always make room in the diary for one of their shows. You have been part of Playaz for a long time at Fabric and the night has had such a long term success. Why do you think that is? I think the Playaz night is so popular because of its 80 per cent dance floor music policy, people wanna dance, and that's what we deliver. I think the night has no trouble attracting party goers and dub heads alike, because the combination of the 2 brands layaz and Fabric have a strong pull once you're inside its cutting edge dub. Which is the best part of being part of the Playaz camp? being with Playaz, is belonging to a label which was and still is one of the corner stones of the dnb scene. Do you still run your label Image Muzik? I certainly do, we are just about to release the 'We are your Friends' Image Muzik album around mid- November featuring: myself, Sub Zero, Taxman, Jaydan, Supreme Being, Harvest, Heist and Code Red. It's well anticipated and I'm sure it will be a big release. We also have image events in Europe and America and I'm currently in talks to set up a UK event. 'Therapy' took a couple of years but if you actually looked at the hours I spent on it over those years, it probably amounts to a few weeks solid in the studio. I wrote 'Vegas' in an evening in my room at the Rio casino hotel in Vegas, then mixed it down over few sessions in the UK and Canada. You have made some classics such as 'Overfiend' and 'Don't be Silly'. What makes a good tune for you? I think it all depends on the context, but if you're talking about dancefloor stuff, I'd say it should be fun and have lots of energy Tell us a bit about your new album Mad World. How was the process of making this? It's a 6 track EP. For me it was all about rediscovering my darker dancefloor side and my old friend jump up. Some of the tracks on the EP took me months to write, with a good mix. What has been one of the craziest parties that you have played at? Nocturnal 10,000 people in front of the stage, nuts! Wonderland LA, If you were invisible for the day, what trouble would you get up to? I'd want to hang out in a studio while knife party or Noisia were doing their thing. That would be interesting. Can you give us an exclusive? I think I already did, G Dub are reforming, we have an EP coming next year. Cheers for your time...we look forward to the new album. You can catch Original Sin at Innovation In The Dam on 23rd- 25rd November. For more information check out dam2012 or www.realplayaz. INTERVIEW

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