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Issue 45 / 2012 INDIE / ROCK 47 7 THE VACCINES Since releasing their debut album last year 'What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?' this British band have been caught up in some mad whirlwind success. Before we got down to a cookery lesson with the guys at the boutique hotel & restaurant, New Cavendish Square singer and guitarist, Justin Young gave us the lowdown on their latest album and upcoming tour dates. Joe Longhurst | How you doing today? I'm good, I'm doing good. Your debut gained you a lot of critical acclaim, did you feel a lot of pressure the second time round with the new album 'Come of Age'? We did feel pressure but I think mostly from ourselves really, we were kind of aware that a lot of success of the first record was hopefully due to the kind of faith we'd put in ourselves and our own taste and that sort of thing, so again we just made a record of songs that we're all massive pop fans and fans of quite accessible music. I think we all sort of felt if we went with our own gut instinct and went with the songs we were drawn to that there was no reason that people wouldn't like these songs the second time round. Was the creative process the same second time around? I mean I suppose the creative process was relatively similar in that we all kind of write songs individually then bring in or finish songs or whatever and the ones that excite us would get finished together. I mean obviously I guess things change, you know everything changes. ideas in life you're constantly refining how you express yourself and I think that is the same in music as well, like we had a much deeper connection musically I think that process remained relatively similar. You recently said 'pop' seems to be a dirty word but it doesn't have to be, what did you mean by that? I what it is to be a pop band and what pop music means, I think because of the state of mainstream radio a lot of people are put off by pop music. I mean like Elvis was pop, the Beatles were pop, the Rolling Stones were pop, you know Blondie was pop and just think people misunderstand "We were kind of aware that a lot of success of the first record was hopefully due to the kind of faith we'd put in ourselves." Yeah I mean it has been a really quick journey with the band I think. We first started writing songs in summer 2009 and then we first started playing gigs sort of summer 2010 so it's only just really 2 and a half years ago we played our first shows I think May or something. So yeah it's been really quick but not as quick for us as individuals. I mean before the Vaccines started I was touring in various different projects for about 7 years. I think all of us were about the same time 7/8 years or so. I think as individuals we know what it is to be rejected and to have no one care about you and to put in a lot of work and not really get much back. I think we learnt a lot I see ourselves as a pop band and I see us as having more in common with people on Radio 1 than I do with people on music blogs or whatever. I sometimes feel people misunderstand what it is to be 'pop'. So you have a date coming up at the O2, exciting times? each other going into the second record and hopefully better song writers so I think there that's kind of a natural evolution but I think the and with Yeah I mean obviously the O2 arena is the biggest venue in London I suppose and its one we've done support shows there and been to like countless shows there and I guess you never in a million years expect that you're going to do your own show there, so I'm really nervous and excited, again with that one can't really believe we are doing it. It's been a very quick journey for you as a band. How does it feel to have come so far so soon? of lessons as individuals before we came together as a band. Which song from the new album is your favourite? There are sort of different songs from the album which I have different relationships with. There are songs which I'm really proud of, like artistically speaking as songs, I guess songs like 'Lonely World' and 'Aftershave Ocean' then there are songs just as a music fan I enjoy playing and enjoyed recording and would enjoy listening to and I think that hopefully if I heard them I'd be a fan of. I mean like 'Bad Mood' is a song I really like, 'Ghost Town', just the more straight up rock and roll songs I guess. Talking of 'Bad Mood', how much does your mood influence your song writing? I propelled by mood, I think I've never been able to write when I'm content or when I'm happy and I think often you're consumed by your mood aren't you and then it's a no brainer and then other times you have to channel certain moods, it's a weird place to be in. think song writing is massively Does anyone in the band have a specific taste that above everyone else? influences it I think I'm quite kind of a minimalist so I don't really like over playing. I like people being able to express themselves but I don't really like over playing or using weird chords are the ones which believe what they are doing and are genuinely impassioned by what they're doing and the bad ones are the ones that aren't and I think that I always try and channel that ethos when we're making music definitely. Attitude's a massive part of punk, how important is attitude for you? I important in music certainly sort of artistically for that kind of belief and getting people to emotionally invest in what you're doing. I think if you believe in what you're doing then other people are going to believe in what you're doing and then also when you're talking about entertainment, like attitudes a massive part of pop music, like it always has been. Often it's like contrived think attitude is massively for the sake of it or even using middle 8's for the sake of it I think we've all come round to that way of thinking. I mean minimalism and simplicity and just directness not even sonically so not low fi but more just kind of direct, hard hitting, simple. People often note how we rely on 3 chords a lot but that's a conscious decision all the best songs are the simple songs. My kind of aim is always trying to find that perfect pop song and make it as simple as possible. So that's not from a punk view point then? Well I suppose that is a punk rock ethos, I learnt a lot from punk rock and that playing it's how you're playing it. Do you know what I mean? There's only one thing which separates good punk bands from the bad punk bands and that's the good ones is it's not what you're all that sort of stuff but it's like exciting I think like having attitude is massively important in rock and roll. and concocted and If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be? Probably, either 'Bridge over Troubled Water' or 'Pet Sounds'. And why's that? Just because they're up there in my top albums of all time' Bridge Over Troubled Water' because I prefer as a whole album the songs on it. Wicked, cheers it's been nice talking to you, good luck for Jools Holland tonight. Cheers, thank you. Catch The Vaccines at INTERVIEW

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