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Issue 45 / 2012 REGGAE / DANCE HALL 51 7 LEE SCRATCH PERRY We get personal and intergalactic with one of the most important figures in reggae history. This genius / madman soldiers on and ahead of his gig at In Motion in Bristol, offers us his wisdom on music, performing and dubstep! Oshi | Hello Mr. Lee Scratch Perry, It's a pleasure to be speaking to a legend like yourself. Well thank you. Where are you now, what country are you in? I'm in Switzerland. Are you having some good shows? Well, yeah sure my shows make people happy. I just wanted to ask you, with your shows you do something special like nobody else. How would you describe your genre of music? My Music is healing force, a healing stream. Relaxing and happiness. power and healing You've been making music for a very long time now, has the vibration changed at all over the years? No, it can change depending on what the people desire. Some people like to dance and jump and some people like to listen to music for meditation and some people want to listen to what will happen next, what to do next. My music is everything like meditation and exercise and speaking good, sleeping good and having a lovely sexy wife (laughs) who is not greedy! living good, Nice! Not greedy, not greedy. Just nice lovely people and a good conscience and a good spirit. A good soul and good spirit. I get in Switzerland is number one, the reception in Germany is number one. Everywhere, I can't list a place that gives me more, they give me wow (laughs). Everywhere gives me wow! You are playing at Electric Brixton on 2nd November and In Motion in Bristol too. Are you looking forward to coming to the UK and playing some good music for us? I know that (laughs) OK, so if it's your birthday and you want to go dance, what artist would you go and dance to? Well, I would take soul artists. Soul music artists and I would take lots of rock n' roll because children love rock n' roll. I have no reason to turn my back on white children now. Anything the children love I love. and speaking good, living good, sleeping good and having a lovely sexy wife." A good soul and good spirit? You have a good spirit and a good soul so you can do the rock and roll. You can do the rock and roll... What's your favourite place in the world to do a show? Honestly, everywhere is good for me. The reception that I get in London is super, number one, the reception I get in America is number one, the reception Of course, as I said the reception that I get when I come over is amazing so I am really looking forward to giving you all some wow! What can we expect from your shows? You're gonna hear soul, you're gonna hear rock n' roll, you're gonna hear hip hop, everything. I can't wait for you to come over here. Do you like dubstep? Of course! I love what the people love. You got any children yourself? One in England, two in Switzerland, three in Jamaica. "My music is everything like meditation and exercise Whatever the children love is what I love. What grown ups love is great for me but what children love is better for me. What the children love is wow for me. They must have so much fun with you as a father. When they need me. The one in England must be maybe a year or two since I see her but I'm coming there shortly so I can give her a visit and tell her to come and look for me. Now Lee, if you could have a swimming pool filled with anything what would it be? Well I would put a computer in my swimming pool. A computer and a television, what I would do I wouldn't put it in the water I would put it on a stand. I would put my television and the computer on the stand in the water. Then I would send it very far up in the sky. OK (laughs) I'd teleport myself. I am a teleporter! OK Lee, thank you very much for your time You're welcome. God bless you. For more information check out www. LEGEND INTERVIEW

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