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Bitcoin works on blockchain technnology. The Blockchain is simply a network of computers around the world. It is one giant and accessible database that logs all the transactions and what address owns each bitcoin or each piece of one, as each one is divisible. Like pounds and dollars, Bitcoins are not connected to any tangible assets. Unlike pounds and dollars though, no- one can print more to manipulate the market. There are 21 million of them and that's it. The value of a Bitcoin is pretty much governed by the rules of supply and demand. So the more people buying and selling them, the more demand there is. The more demand there is, the more the value goes up. No one can magic up more bitcoin, so everyone has equal rights to bitcoin. Many people are attracted to the currency because of its decentralised nature. These cryptocurrencies are borderless. Bitcoin was crucial to Venezuelans as one of the few ways they could put food on the table when the economy collapsed. In some ways, it evens the playing field. Bitcoin is an equal opportunities of investment. Remember the price is volatile and if you are going to invest follow the rule, buy low and sell high. This article is NOT financial advice. 12 ISSUE 110 / 2018 MONEY TALKS Bitcoin is a digital currency. It can be passed from one person to another with codes or "addresses". Bitcoin was created in 2009 as a way for humans to make transactions without a middleman. IS IT TOO LATE FOR BITCOIN UNDERSTANDING BITCOIN It has gone down considerably but it has had dips in the past. Generally since its beginnings the price of Bitcoin has been going up. There have been notable dips in the past. April 2003 Bitcoin went from $260.00, breaking well into the triple digits into a full-on freefall down to $40.00, for a total loss of 83%.In June 2011, Bitcoin's went from $32.00 per coin all the way to $2.00 One thing is for sure.. If you purchased Bitcoin in 2011 or in 2003 after these so called crashes you would still be quids in. One question to ask yourself is.. will some form of cryptocurrency be the future of money. Probably. Will it be Bitcoin? Who knows but it is in the lead by a long shot. All other cryptocurrencies follow the price of Bitcoin so if the price of Bitcoin rises, the others will. If people suddenly realise crypto is the future, expect the price of Bitcoin to be the first to shoot up. Some say to over 100K for 1 Bitcoin by Xmas. Many people who are suffering from losses now, may just need to wait a while and HODL. (Hold all). One Bitcoin at a price of £150,000 may be hard to believe, but looking at Bitcoins history it is not so far fetched. If you do want to get your account on Coinbase and test out your first £100 pounds worth of Bitcoin, there have been worse times to make the move. Use this link and we both get an extra $10 bucks worth of Bitcoin. But before you do that, DYOR or do your own research. Don't come running to me when your £100 is £10. Do get us a beer if it turns onto £1000. CRYPTO NEWS Organisations that we disagree with are often too huge and powerful for anything we do to make an impact. But there's one thing that will forever retain its power; money. Where we spend our cash is a vote for what kind of world we want to see. We invest in companies we buy from, and by doing so we accept that company's method of production. By spending your money on ethical brands and products, you are taking action. If we all stopped buying into bad businesses, they would have to change or simply disappear. Money is the catalyst for change, so use yours wisely. What businesses will you start supporting and investing in? Here are some businesses to support: • for Bamboo Toothbrushes and Natural Toothpaste • for delicious frothy Milk alternatives • for a reusable coffee cup that's 100% spill free. • for a ethically made coffee • for Shampoo and Conditioner without useless packaging. • for a waste free period • for 100% recycled toilet paper POWER OF YOUR POUND ECONOMY OF MONEY Bitcoin has taken a dip recently.. Does that mean you should be running as far as you can from crypto currencies or that you should jump in now and buy it whilst its a quarter of the price of it's all time high in November. "IT'S NOT ABOUT WHAT WE EARN, IT'S ALL ABOUT HOW WE SPEND WHAT WE'VE EARNED!" + 49% on this time last year $19000 on this time last year +60000% since launching We regularly feel like the issues in the world are too big and dire for us to make a difference.

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