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Mayzy, it is quite an original name, where does it come from and what history does it have? I picked up the name Mayzy sometime in 2011 back at uni. It has no huge significance asides the first 3 letters are gotten from my birth name MAYOWA. So what made you want to be- come an afrobeats artist? Wow. I have been producing afropop/afrobeats sounds back in 2010. And my greatest motivation towards the genre can be linked with the love of Fela Anikulapo Kuti had for his fellow country- men. He single-handedly fought the government with his music and until now his music still has an impact. I call it the prophecy genre. Who is your afrobeats super- hero? It's like a squad thing. The entire Fela Anikulapo Kuti family. Likes of Seun and Femi Kuti. We are glad to hear that there are people of our generation still trying to represent or pay homage to Fela Kuti. Keep up the good work! So why did you choose 'My Story' to be your first released track? Well, I should explain that it was the other way round. 'My Story' choose itself to be my first re- leased track. At that point, I had recorded a couple songs and then 'My Story' got all attention from the public. We listened to this amazing first track and we like the beats but tell us a bit more about the words? Aww, thank you. I wrote the song in English language and then in Yoruba but it is quite simple to understand. It is all talking about the everyday struggle of a hustler and his dreams, aspirations and finally his goals. We would also like to know more about the path to becoming an afrobeats artist, tell us a bit more about your experience in the industry? The music industry, just like every other industry is competitive. The key is to keep improving yourself musically and then offering great stuff constantly, with time and God, the world will hear you Great advice! What is your prime inspiration for producing music? Hmm...I will say my utmost inspi- ration came from the memories of the past and the dreams of the nearest future. Tell us, who is Mayzy when he does not perform his music? Mayzy is a certified adult educa- tionist (well not so much practis- ing but...) and a paint producer. Wall painter, I mean. Advice for aspiring artist who wants to join the afrobeats scene? The truth is your patience and dedication to the game is the only determining factor. Be humble, stay true, hustle up and believe in the most High. A couple of words to encourage them? Be humble, stay true and hustle up. What motivates you every day? The belief in greatness soon to come is my greatest motivation To conclude, where do you think your music will be in 5 years time? The dream is to go global. Mayzy music to the world! Mayzy is a truly sweet and humble young man! Guestlist wishes him all the success in the world. Big up to Mayzy! INTERVIEW MAYZY 2018 / ISSUE 110 35 HIP HOP & RNB " THE BELIEF IN GREATNESS SOON TO COME IS MY GREATEST MOTIVATION " Mayzy is an emerging afrobeats artist telling his story via his first debut song 'My Story'. It is a powerful and moving song that is already making the singer one to watch. We caught up with Mayzy to talk the "prophecy genre", Fela Kuti, dreams and future goals. Gassy | Guestlist follow @IAMmayzy

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