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2018 / ISSUE 110 5 NEWS These comments came from an interview last year, which has recently resurfaced, in the face of local elections. His party, The League, appears to be the most popular party in Italy at the moment, with the support of 28% of the population. He recently commented about how it is unfortunate that Roma people of Italian nationality will be allowed to stay, while others get expelled. This, coupled with his admiration of Donald Trump's immigration policies, shows a worrysome trend for Italian politics. It is important to follow and understand the state of politics in Italy, due to it being at the forefront of immigration 'crisis', from North Africa and Middle East. How Italy handles the situation, will set an example for left and right wing political parties all over the European Union. 'We need a mass cleansing, street by street, piazza by piazza, neighbourhood by neighbourhood' says the Italian Deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini, in regards to the migrant communities around the country. WORLD NEWS The Recycled Island Foundation in Rotterdam has created floating islands from litter found in the Mass River in Rotterdam. The island is both beneficial for residents and the aquatic ecosystem. MP Boris Johnson compared Muslim women dressed in full veil to post boxes and "bank robbers". The racist and insensitive comments have been labeled by most as Islamophobic. By October 2018 the City of London will source 100% of their energy needs through renewable sources. This will be done through solar panels, renewable energy projects and buying clean energy. The world's first pay-what- you-can grocery store opened up in Toronto. The Feed It Forward store 'sells' goods donated from larger grocery chains. Off Key A 28-year-old woman became the first woman in Denmark to be fined for wearing a niqab. Denmark's face-covering ban prohibits masks and balaclavas. It does not mention Islamic facial coverings. UK NETHERLANDS LONDON CANADA DENMARK OFF KEY ON POINT ON POINT ON POINT OFF KEY WHO'S ON OR OFF KEY THIS MONTH? @guestlistdotnet GOOD NEWS Madurai, where the roads are paved with… plastic! An Indian chemistry professor has invented a novel approach to dealing with the plastic debris that litters the streets and causes such harm to the environment. Dr Rajagopalan Vasudevan, 73, was moved to find a suitable alternative when plastic was at risk of being banned. Vasudevan experimented in his workshop and eventually produced bitumen-modified plastic, which can be used to improve the durability of roads. Since 2006 almost 10,000km of Indian roads have been paved using his technique. Free bus rides in Japan Japanese bus drivers have produced a novel way of striking - offer free travel to commuters. Ryobi bus company drivers in Okayama were fearful of their job security after a new bus service in the city offered cheaper fares. In protest at the lack of assurance over their jobs they covered ticket machines and have refused to take money from passengers. A 4-day workweek proves to be a success in New Zealand The company Perpetual Guardian, based in New Zealand, trialed a four-day week (employees being paid for five) over March and April and reported a 24% increase in employees feeling they could manage their work-life balance. Staff stress levels also fell by 7%, while overall life satisfaction rose by 5%. The Green Party has long campaigned for a four-day week to be introduced in the UK. ITALIAN PRIME MINISTER FOR 'MASS CLEANSING'

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