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Fresh of the bat of his latest album and just ahead of his album launch this Friday, Cyantific talks with Guestlist. For almost two decades, Cyantific has been a staple in the drum & bass scene. His big room productions and solid skills behind the decks has meant he's propelled his position in drum & bass. He's just released his latest album Bloodline on Viper Record- ings. He'll be officially launching that this Friday at Egg for the next Viper London bash. Ahead of that, Niamh O' Connor spoke to him for Guestlist. 2017 / ISSUE 110 DRUM & BASS 41 You've been at the forefront of the dnb scene for over a decade, how has today's scene changed compared to the first rave you played at? Technology for one, not just to DJ with, but also you might see some- one texting on their flip phone. The whole filming every bit of a gig wasn't a thing back then. The music is still great, and the produc- tion levels keep getting higher. I remember thinking in 2007 or so that it had peaked, and much credit is due to the people really pushing it. What spurred you on to sign ex- clusively to Viper Recordings back in 2014? I loved what they were doing as a label and I know Brendan pretty well. I gave him a call and he was instantly really excited, which made it feel like the right decision to make. After producing a plethora of albums, remixes and singles re- leased on other labels like Hospi- tal and Ram & Critical over the last number of years, what inspires you to keep producing without hitting too many creative barriers in the studio? The thing about writing & produc- ing music is there is always more to learn. You start out with a big gap between what you hear in your head and what you're capable of making. As time goes by the gap gets smaller but I don't think it ever disappears. Maybe it does and that would be the time to pack it in! What inspirations were you chan- nelling when producing the new album and how hard it is to work 'solo'? It's a whole different ball game working solo. There's no second opinions, but I enjoy that respon- sibility. As for inspirations I was trying to write something that sounded like an 80's soundtrack, not anything specifically, just an imaginary 80's film. I did go a bit more obvious with Cyborg (The Terminator) & Outatime (BTTF) but mainly it was meant to be a bit ambiguous. I'm a massive fan of cinema, and sound tracks, so bringing that element to d&b has always been a goal of mine. Please can you leave us with three tracks from Viper artists who are set to soar in 2018 or from your catalogue of stunners? 1. Dossa & Locuzzed - Shag VIP 2. Synergy - Redline 3. Ekko & Sidetrack - Combat " THE THING ABOUT WRITING & PRODUCING MUSIC IS THERE IS ALWAYS MORE TO LEARN. " Arren Haynes | Guestlist follow @Cyantific3000 INTERVIEW: BLOODLINE

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