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An Inconvenient Truth This is exactly what it says on the tin. This film really exposes the problems in the world that too many of us are choosing to ignore and what will happen if we don't act! ISSUE 110 / 2018 GUESTLIST Okay, real talk! So, by now it feels fair enough to say that we are all pretty aware that the world is going to shit, both politically and environmentally. DOCUMENTARIES TO SAVE THE EARTH I'm sorry, this may be a grim subject but it's happening and we all need to be a bit more woke about the whole thing. That said, there is hope! Although we may not be able to destroy the leader of the free world by any means legal, there is something that we can do about the destruction of the earth. I know, it's all well and good being lectured about saving the world and all that, but what can we actually do? I hear you ask. Well, if you want to put a stop to birds being choked up on plastic and polar bears being stranded on icebergs, then these are the best documentaries to available on the small screen for you to check out and educate yourself! 8

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