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TRAVEL 20 Issue 55 / 2013 Issue 54 / 2013 3 REASONS TO VISIT: CUBA I don't think I can portray the extent of Cuba's beauty on paper - you have to see it yourself - but I will attempt to give you a glimpse into the ravishing experience. WEATHER CULTURE In the expected situation that you'll take a plane from the UK to Cuba (seeing as you are reading this while standing on English soil), prepare to sit in the same seat for 10 hours, repeatedly watching movie 'premieres' that came out 3 years ago. However, if we look past that minor setback, visiting Cuba is truly remarkable. I also imagine you are travelling there in the expectation that you will be in extremely hot weather - if you "lobsterise" easily, denitely bring the high factor sunscreen, but Cuba's beautiful weather will never disappoint those of us who crave the Sun. In the peaceful, rural atmosphere, it might not be obvious that the country boasts a strong sense of culture and community. However, when you engage in conversation with a group of bongo playing singers, it becomes clear that the country oozes with it. Locals want you to engage in all their activities, be it dancing, singing or even cooking. Havana, the partying capital, holds various events throughout the year for the 2.1 inhabitants and the visitors. With visual and performing arts, festivals, and even a Cuban China City, this town really has something to offer if you want to indulge into an enriched culture. FOOD Depending on where you decide to stay, there will be a multitude of opportunities to try traditional Cuban dishes such as Boliche, Arroz con pollo, Pastelito and many more. Cuban cuisine is a mixture of Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisine, with the mouth-watering spices leading to you slurping down some traditional Cuban drinks such as the delicious Mojito and Havana Cooler. If you're more of a sandwich person, do not be afraid! Cubans also prepare several sandwich dishes which do not disappoint! So whether it's a hot bowl of rice and chicken infused with tongue-tingling spices, or a double decker sandwich with 4 types of meat and some hot sauce, you will not be hungry in this food paradise.

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