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HOUSE / TECHNO 23 7 Issue 55 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN Dj EZ After they played at South West Four Festival during the August Bank Holiday Weekend on Clapham Common, we caught up with the Don of UKG to chat festivals, EPs and influences. Tab Taylor | You are the don of UKG and have been spinning tracks and making people dance for over 15 years now. How's the journey been for you? Wow, Don of UKG!! Thanks for that title (laughs)'s been a long and very exciting journey filled with many proud moments and achievements spanning over 15 years and happy to say, it is still going. When I started my DJ career, I knew from an early age that I wanted to be successful in this field but never expected to be where I am today with the support, accolades and goals reached along the way. You are in the mix of putting together the fabriclive71 CD - you having fun with it and how did it come about? I have just completed the mix actually and very happy with the track list which covers the many styles that I incorporate into my sets at the moment. As I have been DJing for a number of years now, I'm having to balance my sets to cover the new EZ follower not forgetting the ones that supported me to get me to where I am today. It's not an easy task, but I believe this mix CD will appeal to the wide audience that I am fortunate to play to at this time. What was the first UKG record you bought and was there a particular track that made you want to get into this or had an impact on you? The Sample Choir EP by Todd Edwards on Nervous Records always springs to mind as being one of the first UKG tracks that I purchased. It also played a big part in my UK Garage Journey He has been blessed with exceptional musical production skills which differentiate him from any other producer. It's amazing what he can do with samples, drum patterns, bass line and vocals which makes Todd 'the best' in my eyes! It is an exciting time for UKG right now. What your thoughts on the scene right now? It is exciting times right now and I'm loving, loving it, loving it (laughs)! You have remained current in an ever changing industry, what do you think the key has been to your longevity and success? Right now, it comes down to a balance of new and old music within my sets. I have been DJing for quite a while now and with the introduction of new followers, my audience has includes a " It is exciting times right now and I'm over the moon that Garage has returned to the spotlight which has bought with it some new producers." as it was tracks from this EP (and a few others that I heard during my spell of playing Hardcore / Rave / Techno) that got me into this genre.. We know that you have a lot of love for Todd Edwards - what is it about him that you admire so much? Well, you know that I have been a fan since day one, and his productions and remixes got me into the world of UK Garage. So with that, I have to show him a lot of love and respect! over the moon that Garage (despite having many guises other than) has returned to the spotlight which has brought with it some new producers, exciting fresh music alongside well known UKG producers making a comeback. One thing I will say is, it's a real shame that most of this new music isn't clearly labelled under the UK Garage or Garage genre especially when a track has all the elements and sounds from this genre. Apart from this, I'm wide age range. It is not an easy task, but it's certainly a challenge which I am enjoying. You always seem to be bussin the Nike hat when playing- is this your lucky charm?! It's a known fact that I can't hold a mix if I ain't sporting my Nike Cap! Only joking...I started to wear caps (not Nike) when my club bookings got busier alongside T Shirts which had my name on them. With the Cap, T-shirt and the self-produced Intro tracks, I guess I was creating an image and an awareness so that the crowd knew who was playing and what I looked like? You have played all around the world, but where is a special spot for you? It is the place where I have called the second home of UK Garage (not so much now though..) and that is Ayia Napa in Cyprus. I have been playing since promoters such as Pure Silk took their event over there in the late '90s / early '00s and been there every year since. I have also taken my own event 'Z Uncut' over there which has been running for a number of years now and continues to be one of the biggest nights on the island. If you were invisible for the day what trouble would you get up to? I would go to an event and join the ravers on the dancefloor so I could experience the other side of the decks for a change. Someone get me foghorn and whistle lol!!! Thanks for your time! Follow @djez

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