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30 HIP HOP / RNB Issue 55 / 2013 EW VI ER NT I GHETTS Guestlist's Oshi talks to BET award-nominee who has performed with Devlin, Wretch 32, Scorcher and Kano (amongst others). He tells us about his life, his music and his views on money and society OSHI | Oshi: Where did it all start? Ghetts: My love for grime came from very early on - the pirate radio scene - and it was cultured then. It's less cultured now, but that was the moment and we all wanted to be a part of that culture, and here I am today! Were you at pirate radio every day? I'm originally from a crew called Nasty Crew, and we had a set on De Ja, and that was on Monday from nine to eleven, I believe. Don't quote me on that, but yeah - that was the thing; every Monday we were going up there and putting in the work. So when did you know that you were breaking into the industry? I never really had a first tune, as such, but my debut CD was called 2000 and life. It was very raw, very passionate. It was just like: when you're making music at the time, your first CD, a lot of people always say, "How come an artist's first CD is their best CD?", because normally an artist's first CD is when they're not making music for radio, or for this. They're just making music, and that's when you get the raw element of it. But yeah, my one was 2000 and life and it was well-received by the public, and it kind of put me on a pedestal from there, and set me apart from the rest. Who do you make music for, is it for yourself? The Community? Or is it for the world? There's been a few. Prison being one of them, to be honest, and also the birth of my daughter. Those were the two biggest for me, I'd say. What effect on your life did going to jail have? You get a different perspective of life. You get time to sit down and think. You could do something stupid and be back in there, which So what other effects on your life did having a child have? Obviously you want to be around to see her grow. The things that someone like me could get into… you try to stay away from that, and really live accordingly, so that I can be around to see her grow up. Is it right that your whole band can just make music right on the spot? "I go to the studio, and we start off from scratch, empty page, find some sounds,and then we get busy" Until this day, on a selfish one, I think I rap for myself. If I can't enjoy my music - as in, listen to it without thinking that this is a business move - I won't put it out there. I like to enjoy my music, as in, personally listen to it as if it's not me… I'm a fan of myself and I want to listen to know what a fan would want from me. I've got to like it, man. Can you tell me about some of your life-changing moments? I don't want to be, or I could do something positive with my life. And then the birth of a child gives you a new perspective on life - even when your mum used to be worried about you going out and being out until a certain time, and you couldn't really understand! I'm thinking: my mum's just on me - it's like, let me live! Now I understand a mother's worry, a parent's worry of her child. So I get those different perspectives now. Yeah, that's how I make all of my music - I don't really write anything at home like that. I go to the studio, and we start from scratch, empty page, find some sounds, and then we get busy, and then we've got a song by the end of it. If you could change the world in any way, what would you do? All these levels of hierarchy, and the whole 'money' factor. I don't know how it would happen, but I would like for money not to exist, and for everyone to be equal. As though, because that man has no money, you look at him differently, or because that man has loads of money then he's treated differently…. I just feel like money is the root of a lot of problems. I don't know how we could all coexist without money, but if it was in my power, I would remove that and make everyone equal. What has your life taught you so far? Life… life has taught me many lessons. Imagine - I've made so many mistakes that I don't even think I'm wise - I just think: let me not do that again, or let me carry myself this way. When I look back at some of the things I've done, I think, why? Why did I do that? So I try to not make that mistake, or try to not get drawn to those things. I just want to chill, live a good life and chill out. Ghetts – it has been a pleasure! Yeah - respect. Follow @GhettsOfficial

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