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DRUM & BASS / DUBSTEP 33 7 IN TE RV IEW Issue 55 / 2013 Shy FX Guestlist were lucky enough to sneak backstage at Creamfields for a quick old chin-wag with the Original Nuttah himself, SHY FX... Natalie Blow | How do you think your set went? You know what -it went really, really, really well. I've had about two hours sleep; I've been playing at Carnival and had three gigs yesterday and because of my energy and my vibe I thought that I wasn't going to be able to give it as much as I gave, but it was tidy! So you have just played at Creamfields - what other festivals have you played at this summer? You know what - asking me what festivals I've played at this year after a few hours sleep and being a little bit tipsy just isn't going to happen. I can't remember shit. Which festival have you played at with the best vibe then? Whoever the crowd is in front of you, you make the best out of what that is. I love the big parties and festivals but I also like the really small intimate events. I don't really have a favourite. We have been in it for a long time now so we have got a following - people know what we do and what were about so they come down to enjoy the music we play, so that's all cool and it's a blessing. Your name has been around for a long time now - how does this make you feel? took it for granted and acted like it was older than whatever else, and started to show it in their sets. We all go through points where you absolutely love it but then something changes in the scene and you're not feeling the musicand it is at these points that I take a step back and focus on other stuff as I never want to get to a stage where I'm bored of music. So whenever I'm not feeling the I wouldn't say that I stuck to the same sound, but the same ethos, which is creating good vibes and quality music by spending enough time on production. I'm all about B-lines, vibes, good times and just not getting caught up in the hype. Knowing that I'm feeling it and the people around me too is ultimately what matters. Would you say you pushed the "People know what we do and what were about so they come down to enjoy the music we play." I've been making music since '94 until present day, so I've been in it for quite a while now. I just feel really fortunate and blessed to be able to do what I love and be able to play it to the people that appreciate it – I'd never ever take it for granted. There are a lot of guys that I grew up with who scene of the moment, I let it ride that way but take a step back and come back in when its time to do what I'm doing. DnB/Jungle movement forward? I wouldn't say that, but I was definitely in the right place at the right time and the right age. So would you say that you have stuck to the same signature sound or do you adapt to the change in the scene? What's your plan next, do you have any new releases coming out? I've got a record album that I'm currently doing which is going to be released next year. Miss dynamite has got a track on it called 'Cloud 9.' Dismantle and Breakage both have got projects coming out too. These are due to be released early next year. What has been your soundtrack to this summer? It has got to be 'Soon Come' with Bailey and myself. It's a reggae track, which, for me, captured the spirit of summer and I'm really happy with the track. When I make tracks I spend so long on tunes that by the time I get to play it I'm like: "Oh God, here we go." But because of its speed and its vibe, this track still sounds like a fresh tune every time! Thank you for your time SHY FX - booyaka! follow @shyfx

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