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GUESTLIST 5 7 Issue 55 / 2013 GOOD NEWS NEWS FLASH HIP HOP Drake's new album is a big hit with his fans Canadian rapper and superstar Drake announced on twitter that Nothing Was The Same the hugely anticipated follow-up to 2011's Grammy winning effort Take Care, is already massively popular among Hip Hop fans House Stay enthusiastic and work hard A BIT NEWS TO Winter is upon us, and many people lose their drive and passion for things along with losing their smiles. We have a tendency to be willing to trade almost anything for a longer stay in bed, the only place where it's warm! Hard work pays off in the long run, so you may not always be able to reap the benefits of it quickly, so don't expect to. Whether it is getting down to the gym or even finishing your assignments to the best of your ability, everything becomes harder when it's cold (except for the ability to shiver).That is the reason why the completion of these tasks and the appreciation of your friends, family and employers is all the more satisfying; because a lot of hassle has been endured to arrive at the finished goal. are other options. If something should take two weeks, try to be done in a week and a half - then you feel as though you still have time, and you will feel a lot better and a lot more motivated to continue. 3. Try hard. It is better to stumble and fall having actually tried than it is to wonder "What if?" Regretting not having done something and dwelling on what might-have-been is tedious, and causes unnecessary stress. Remember: it's not about how far you have to go, it is about how far you have come. If you can see where you need to improve, then you are already significantly closer to your goal. Now it's about making it happen. 1. Set yourself a goal, visualise your life after reaching that goal, and then visualise your life without it - your life with it should outweigh your life without it. CHEER YOU UP (FOR A CHANGE) • Homeless man Glen James, from Boston, found $40,000 and returned it. Touched by his goodwill, a Virginia resident started a fund for the Glen and has already raised over $100,000 for him • UK deaths from road accidents are at a record low • A survey found British people are happier now than last year (77%), ranking 10th happiest country in Europe FOOD IS FREE ANTI-CONSUMERISM IDEA: GROW FOOD FOR THE COMMUNITY Let's be honest – a lot of us wonder, deep down, how even something we need for survival – FOOD has been turned into a consumer product in most of the western world. We know that most food is not organic and exploits the people who actually grow it, and yet organic food can be expensive for many people. This is why in the United States of America, a really creative and inspired idea to introduce food which does not cost money has really taken off – and it's as simple as just growing it. The project develops neighbourhood gardens and empty spaces into vegetable and fruit gardens, and gives advice about how to do it yourself. We have so many free green spaces to produce food - without having to charge money for it - that you should start taking a leaf out of their books and get growing! You don't know how many lives you may improve. 2. Plan how to reach that goal in the quickest and most realistic way. Things take time, yes, but there Hot Natured album! drop Hot Natured released their debut full length album this month entitled Different Sides Of The Sun. It's sure to be one of the house music highlights of this Autumn Indie Grimes shakes up the Boiler Room Canadian artist recently caused outrage with her 'unorthodox' set in the hipster enclave of the Boiler Room, performing Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey songs instead of the usual edgy stuff performed there. Grimes denied she had intended to "troll" her fans Reggae Max Romeo @ Jazz Cafe Tickets are on sale now to see Reggae legend and elder statesman Max Romeo at the Jazz Cafe on 16th October. This is a rare opportunity to see a genuine legend in the flesh so make sure to snap up tickets before they sell out. See who has been dropping in with us! U-God MO new Yungen youtube channel "Guestlist"

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