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10 TECHNOLOGY Issue 55 / 2013 APP OF THE MONTH KEEK Introducing Keek, a free video sharing app launched in 2011: a micro video app for users to share and connect instantly. Besides video sharing, Keek also allows you to send instant and private messages between your close friends. A special feature on this app allows you to record responses to videos, which is known as a 'keekback'. You can also subscribe to and follow users, save your favourite videos, watch the most viewed videos and even check recent comments. The video recording limit is 36 sec- onds, which can be very handy compared to Vine's six second recording limit. Videos are easy to share as users can embed their 'keeks' into a blog or website, as well as through Tumblr and Facebook. GET YOUR GAME ON! September is the month of large, open-world crime games with Saints Row IV and Grand Theft Auto V being released within weeks of each other. Both have drawn controversy but will Saints Row be any match for the titanic GTA franchise? So what you waiting for? Keek is completely free and easy to join through other popular social network sites. THE IPHONE DEBATE SAINTS ROW IV Australia has already banned it for use of drugs as health boosters and the "anal probe weapon". Ever since Saints Row 2, the series has put players in increasingly ridiculous situations. Add that to one of the most creative character customization features in GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 More realistic but no less funny, Grand Theft Auto returns for its fifth major installment of the series. Returning to modern day Los Santos, you now control three characters who each live their own lives. The main focus of the new game is gaming and you've got a game that allows you to do almost anything. The game begins with the White House being invaded by aliens and only gets more silly, but the humour always merges well with the gameplay. Even dubstep guns and dildo bats make sense in the world of Saints Row! carrying out heists, but there's still a wide range of activities available, and more than ever before. Larger than GTA IV, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption put together, this is going to be the biggest game of the year in more ways than one. We live in a technological age where gadgets and gizmos are a plenty. But what is actually in your Iphone? We don't all seem to care too much - that's for the wizz kids who build these things. But what if I told you that your phone is actually responsible for a large chunk of CO2 emissions? Creating such technology puts a large strain on the environment. Although we are continuously finding new sources to mine materials, they won't last forever. The amount of CO2 released when manufacturing mobile phones can range anywhere from 12kg to 55kg. Surpris- ingly, Apple products seem to be the most environmentally friendly phones currently on the market. iFixit released a harmful ingredients test, and the new models of iPhones have come out on top, possibly because now there's pressure on manufacturers to become more ecofriendly. But why is modern society so obsessed with the latest model? Surely it would be better to recycle old phones instead of building new ones? This is why eBay has started a new initiative called Instant Sale, where users can trade in old devices. Through this, eBay and its partner, Cooler ,say that Instant Sale tradeins for Apple products have saved 1,550 tons of CO2. I know many people out there have admitted to being fooled by Apple's seamless design, but is throwing away your phone after two years for a more stylish model really as important as reducing the toxic gasses released into the atmosphere? After all, we're going to pay the price. DIABLO Blizzard Entertainments' un-aging and torture-oriented action adventure game has finally arrived on console. On the 3rd of September came the famous adventure RPG for PS3 & Xbox 360 and has since been well received by both critics and fans. At first glance it is impossible to miss the fact that it's a polished product, delivering a smooth and solid gameplay. The content is the same as the PC version, but interface and the controlling is innovative and engaging to a huge degree. To have my interface on the same screen with skills and equipment was incredibly fun and created a captivating co-operative experience with friends on the sofa without equality. This is something Blizzard succeeds in largely, both in case of comfort, speed and credibility.

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