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7 33 Issue 60 / 2014 INDIE / ROCK TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOURSELF Hi, my name is Karen Marie Ørsted, better known as MØ. I started making music when I was seven and now I'm releasing my first album. COMING OUT SOON, MARCH 10TH. SO IN THREE WORDS, HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR ALBUM? Well, the vibe of it I would say in three words, that it's dreamy melancholic and aggressive maybe? AGGRESSIVE? I don't know, I mean that's the vibe I had when I made it. I mean dreamy, melancholy and not aggressive but you know it's very much about being a teenager and restless and kind of frustrated because you want something and you don't know how to get it and you don't know really what it is, so aggression might not really be the word, like you this feel urge to achieve something. TALKING ABOUT AGGRESSION I READ YOU USED TO BE IN A PUNK BAND Yeah I was in a punk band for five years and actually we only stopped the punk band because things started to go quickly with MØ, so hopefully I'll be in a punk band again one day. YOU'RE MUSIC NOW IS MORE DIFFERENT, HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THE TRANSITION? I've been in the left wing environment, the politics, the punk scene for many years, which is a big part of me. But there's also a big part of me like I said I started when I was seven years old making songs, back then I was inspired by the Spice Girls and stuff like that, so I also have the more sensitive side to my personality, so I guess MØ is more like that solo project, more personal, whereas the punk is still personal but that's another side. TALKING ABOUT THE SPICE GIRLS, I HEARD YOUR VERSION OF SAY YOU'LL BE THERE, GREAT SONG, AND WHY NOW WHY THE SPICE GIRLS? I think it's the time for a Spice Girls revival, so it just made sense, and also because it's so funny, because it was actually the Spice Girls back when I was seven or eight who inspired me to become a musician, because that was the first time that I heard music that appealed to me, this little girl. So I was determined that I wanted to be like the Spice Girls, so I started. The nineties are so popular at the moment and this whole thing of girl power, it's just cool. SO YOU'VE ALSO WORKED WITH AVICII, TELL US ABOUT IT I actually never met him. But one and a half years ago I got the beat and I recorded the vocals in my bedroom in the vocal box, and I just sent out the vocals to his manager. That time I didn't even know Avicii, I mean I knew him a bit but then suddenly I was told he's huge and the song was going on his album and I was like what?! Ok, cool. But it's the modern way of working together with different producers, on the internet sending back and forth songs and beats and stuff so finally it came out. WAS IT THE SAME WITH DIPLO? Well I met Diplo quite a few times, and we've been touring with him, so that's a bit different. But we also had a session in Amsterdam and then we started sending back and forth stuff and hooked up again and went on tour with them. SO YOU TOURED WITH MAJOR LAZER, HOW WAS IT? That was great, and when I talk about it I still can't really believe we were on tour with them, they're huge and amazing. I'm just so honoured that they would let me be supporting them all over Europe. Those guys are so inspiring and so cool, so yeah it was great. SO OUT OF ALL YOUR PERFORMANCES, WHICH ONE WAS YOUR BEST ONE? I really love the performances where I get to stage dive because that's very fun and that's always at the end of the show if there's a good vibe. I think I've done that maybe ten times and I'm not sure what the best time is because you always get so high from those performances. Last time I did it was in the Netherlands during Eurosonic festival and that was very fun. SO THE PLAN FOR 2014, THE ALBUM, THE TOUR, AND THEN? A lot of people ask me this question and right now I can't really see beyond the point of the debut album release because you never know what will happen. But what I hope for is that the people who've been supporting me will enjoy the album and feel like it brings something to them, because the times in my life where I've felt that vibe from music it's nice because you feel like you want to create something, that' the best thing you can give a person, so if I can do that that would be great. But then of course you have touring and hopefully starting to make a new album or something. OK SO RANDOM QUESTION, IF YOU COULD FILL A SWIMMING POOL UP OF ANYTHING, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I think it should be like café latte with a lot of sugar I guess, that'd be good. Estelle Leguerinel | " I was in a punk band for five years and actually we only stopped the punk band because things started to go quickly with MØ, so hopefully I'll be in a punk band again one day " INTERVIEW MØ Awaiting her debut album we caught up with MØ to find out her new album, her collaborations with Aivicii and Diplo and what she'd like to fill a swimming pool with… Follow @ MØ

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